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This group is for adults who love seeing films and want to share the experience with others - whether it be as a form of entertainment, information or social perspective. We'll plan to see films in various genres (including foreign, independent, documentary and mainstream) and whenever possible build in the time to discuss them afterward to gain new perspectives while sharing our own. So please join us for films that will cause us to smile, laugh, cry, shudder, be amazed and feel inspired!

~ Roxanne ~

CDFF Organizer

"An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark-that is critical genius." Billy Wilder

Upcoming events (4+)

"The Birds", 1963

Needs a location

This is widely regarded as one of Hitchcock's best. It's rated 7.6 on IMDb, 82% by Google, 90% on Metacritic, and 95%/83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

ICFS presents "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", 1975

Needs a location

This movie is pure comedic genius, but seeing it at an It Came From Schenectady event will be truly a treat.

For those who aren't familiar, It Came From Schenectady hosts quirky and interesting movies at Proctors with drinks, comfy chairs, and a trivia game introduction -- with prizes! It's a blast!

Back to the Drive-In!

Needs a location

This was originally scheduled for Friday, August 5th. Unfortunately, the forecast was for rain the 5th and Saturday, the 6th. So I changed it to Thursday, August 4th. But interest dropped off as no one seemed to be interested in going on a week night.

Therefore, I've decided to reschedule it for Friday, August 19th. Hopefully, that works better for everyone and, hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

"Dancing at Lughnasa", 1998

Needs a location

I'll let the Irish-American Heritage Museum's newsletter describe this one:

"Adapted from the 1990 Brian Friel play Dancing at Lughnasa, the movie is directed by Pat O'Connor and competed in the Venice Film Festival of 1998. It won an Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actor in a Female Role by Brid Brennan. It was also nominated for 6 other awards, including the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Feature Film and the Best Actress Award for Meryl Streep.

Kate Mundy (Meryl Streep) is the eldest of five sisters living together in a small house in Ireland in 1936. The only one with a steady job, Kate oversees the various conflicting personalities. Though none of the women is married, Christina (Catherine McCormack) has a young son named Michael. The household works well in its fashion, but after the sisters' addle-minded brother, Jack (Michael Gambon), shows up, then Michael's father, Gerry (Rhys Ifans), things are unlikely to stay the same.

$5.00 admission."

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ICFS presents "Fanny: The Right to Rock",

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