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"Jung's psychology offers not only a method for psychological healing of individuals but also a new world view for Western Man which holds out the possibility for healing the split in the contemporary collective psyche". ( Edward Edinger, 1998 )

Meet and gather with other Jungian/Analytical & Transpersonal/Depth/Existential enthusiasts. Explore Jung's oeuvre, his life and his luminous ideas on the human psyche with similiar-minded individuals in a non-judgmental, quasi-studious and supportive community. Lets gather and discuss his life, his well known theories that raise the question of the meaning of life. Recollect and reunite with the Archetypes and take one step closer to the gnosis of Self-realization.

Let us together leave each meetup/conversation with a perspective wider, deeper, and richer than the one we had when entering it.


As a member, you must be conscientious with the reading assignments and exercise some degree of studiousness. And HONOR your RSVPs.

RSVPs are a riddle and have become somewhat problematic, particularly when a "waitlist" is required, due to limited-space at some venues (ie: Kristine Mann Library)

Please HONOR your rsvp.

A "no" is only necessary when you change a YES rsvp to a NO.

Unfortunately, after 6 years of meet-up experience, I am compelled to closely monitor RSVPs (thanks to help from asst. organizers). If you chronically do not honor your YES rsvp, and a wailist is necessary, I will act accordingly. For example, I may change your rsvp to accommodate a more reliable member, possibly a new member.

I prefer a committed membership, as anyone would.

If you are on a "waitlist", please DO NOT ATTEND the event. However, you are free to contact me and we will make a final decision.

I know this may sound silly, but again; past experiences are compelling me.

Lastly. Completion of assigned readings are HIGHLY preferred, not required. Lack of reading tends to contribute to the derailment of discussions at meet-ups.


Again, I want to welcome everyone with an affinity for the Analytical approach and the transpersonal and depth psychologies.

Thank you for your attention and for joining this reading and conversation group.

Join us sooner than later.


Upcoming events (3)

RED BOOK by CG Jung : (6th meetup)

Online event

The meetup will take the form of a "round table." Please continue bringing your curiosity, enthusiasm and respect for the material and for the perspective, thoughts and feelings of others. This is our 6th meetup. Please read chapters 3 through 7 (pp[masked]) from Liber Secundus. As usual, I plan and hope to discuss each chapter successively. Again, I plan to initiate the conversation with the first assigned chapter. Then hope, and prefer, that most attendees will volunteer and follow my lead with subsequent chapters. So, please keep that in mind. Again, the meetup will take a "round table" approach and I will facilitate the conversation when required. PLEASE NOTE : Pagination is from the "Reader's Edition" (see posted image of this meetup). It's available on AMAZON for approximately $26. Please procure and plan accordingly. I have and will continue inserting some footage on Jung's RED BOOK in the COMMENTS SECTION of each meetup (see below). I encourage you to watch them. I hope they will serve everyone in some manner. with gratitude, Jorge

Lets Talk about Jung's structure of the Psyche.

Online event

Many participants and attendees of the Red Book meet-ups and other events have expressed an interest for an overview on Jung's map of the Psyche. So, for approximately 20-30 minutes I will talk about the psychic structures and dynamics that compose the tapestry of Jung's Psyche. And then, we can discuss and address any questions/concerns you may have. I hope to cover the following ideas/propositions. What is the Psyche? What is Collective Unconsciousness and Collective Consciousness? What is Persona(e) and Ego? What is the Shadow and the Syzygy (anima/animus)? What is the Objective Psyche (aka: the SELF)? What are archetypes and complexes? What are Psychological Types? What is the process of individuation? What is ego-inflation and ego-deflation? Please bring your own questions/concerns too?

Boy Psychology versus Man Psychology

Online event

Truly hope that the women will join us too to discuss the ideas in Part One of this book, from "boy psychology to man psychology." Keith, a member of our meetup, introduced me to Robert Moore's work, in particular to this book. I finally got a chance to read it. Moore's work reminds me a bit of Jean Bolen's book, "Gods in Everyman" (she also wrote, "Goddesses in Everywomen") and some of Robert Bly's mythopoetic material too. Lets meet and discuss Part One, "From Boy Psychology to Man Psychology" from Moore's "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine." It's only about 50 pages. Keith will moderate/facilitate this Meetup. Here's a free PDF file : https://idoc.pub/documents/robert-moore-king-warrior-magician-lover-rediscovering-the-archetypes-of-the-mature-masculine-pqn8yp83mk41

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RED BOOK by CG Jung : (5th meetup)

Online event

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