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What we’re about

I am an Assistant Professor and mom. I have always been interested in education and finding news ways to engage this inquisitive generation of children that we are rearing. 

We would like to connect with family members and educators who serve and take care of gifted and academically advanced children. We hope to be able to provide information about organizations and conferences that cater to this population of children. 

We hope to provide a welcoming environment for caregivers and educators of gifted and academically advanced children where we can discuss and share ideas about how we can collectively assist these children in becoming the best versions of themselves. We hope to provide helpful insight and suggestions from professionals and educators about the challeges and counter-productive education and parenting strategies that can stifle and discourage these inspirational children. 

We are here to facilitate communication and knowledge/experience sharing with regards to our children. 

If you are in direct contact with childen who are early readers, who are able to understand complex topics beyond their age, who excel in mathmatical concepts well beyond their school grade, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU! 

Join us to share your personal insights! 

Join us to learn about ways that you can encourage and motivate our children. 

Join us to connect with others who are committed to helping to develop and raise well rounded, happy, healthy children with great self-esteem and self-worth. 

Feel free to bring your kids for STEAM (SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-ENGINEERING-ARTS-MATHEMATICS) types of hands-on projects.

Join us to fellowship with other people who are JUST LIKE YOU!