• Machine Learning for Everyone (Webinar)
    "Machine Learning for Everyone" with Roger Pincombe, Senior Software Engineer Jan 17, 2019 at 10:30am PT, 1:30pm ET Learn practical advice to apply machine learning to problems we deal with in the real world. This talk is not overly technical and will help you understand: • An overview of machine learning, basic concepts, and how they work • Different types of algorithms and real-world examples to match them • How AI works when we have more or less data 1-up your skills and get familiar with technical solutions of 2019! Register at https://info.getcloudapp.com/machinelearning


    Online · San Francisco, CA

  • UXNight: Onboarding
    Venue and details TBA. Date subject to change. Stay tuned for tickets. ---- Ever wonder how to walk your customer through your product for the first time? This UXNight is all about providing the right information to get your customer using your product and coming back for more. We'll talk about how to: • Design onboarding walk throughs • Create tutorials • Use notifications to get them hooked on your product • Educate your customers without overwhelming them • Research and test onboarding • and more Stay tuned for tickets and our lineup!

    Needs a location