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10/2/19: Thank you for your continued support and attendance to our Makerspace Meetup! We are announcing Castlewood Library and the Makerspace are closed for an anticipated six-month-long remodel from September 30, 2019, until Spring 2020. All Makerspace services, including classes, appointments and equipment, are unavailable during this time. We are excited for the change and hope to see you next year!


Do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively with crafts, textiles, and design? Are you interested in developing your coding skills or building unique contraptions? Then join us at the Makerspace at the Castlewood Library!

Our collaborative space includes a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a CNC mill, design software, electronics, as well as other tools and craft supplies needed for your next project. Get creative and learn something new working alongside other innovative people at the library.

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The Makerspace at the Castlewood Library

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The Makerspace at the Castlewood Library

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The Makerspace at the Castlewood Library

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The Makerspace at the Castlewood Library

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