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Salton Sea Photo Safari Art Adventure & Ladder Cyn, Mud Volcanoes, Salvation Mtn

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Oddie and Anna B.
Salton Sea Photo Safari Art Adventure & Ladder Cyn, Mud Volcanoes, Salvation Mtn


CLICK HERE to watch a vid from a previous time we went

On our agenda of an amazing Photo Safari will be:

Click Here for Photos from previous visits with the group.

Perfect for first-timer, beginner or novice. Sites are flat with flush rest-rooms and running water. There are free showers.

Sat: Ladder Canyon/Painted Canyon Hike.

Sunday is our Cultural Wasteland Photo Tour
Mud Volcanoes, Obsidian Buttes, Bombay Beach, Salvation Mtn, East Jesus, The International Banana Museum, The Dinos at Cabozan.

We will pack in a LOT and It's all just awesome.

Quality sites with amenities. Awesome hikes & adventures that are safe and fun.

Be part of the fun. Come join us on an adventure.

This is Flexible Camping. Meaning you can choose for how long you stay for. At the most . . you can spend Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun nights.
Most will come and do the normal Fri & Sat nights making the primary activity days of Sat and Sun.
Others might make it a three day weekend and arrive early or decide to stay Sunday night.
You do not need to decide now. Same cost no matter how long or short you wish to stay.

Come and stay for whatever days/nights you wish. It's flexible to what works best for you.

Cost? $96 Per Person. 17 and under are free.
Click Here for Secure Payment Link

This will be what is called Tent Camping or Car Camping.
People in tents and cars are parked nearby and easily accessible.
You do bring your own tent, sleeping gear and food.
This way it's the kind of food you like and you can make meals when you wish. Also . . . the logistics of us providing tents and food and making meals would fill up a cargo truck.

Can I sleep in my car? Yes.
Can I bring an RV, Campervan or Trailer? Campervan OK. No trailers or RV's)

What are you providing?

  • We will be providing plenty of hardwood firewood.
  • The site for up to 4 nights/5 days of camping.
  • Leading Activities/Schedule. The Adventure.
  • The social
  • The campfire time
  • The meetup

What are the restrooms and showers? Is there electricity?
There will be a plug and also your car to charge your phone.
There will be flush toilets and free showers.

Is this dog friendly? Yes!! Dogs allowed on all the trails. Need to keep them on a leash though in camp or on the trail (at least when closer to trailheads)

Is this kid friendly?
Climbing ladders? Cool Mad Max art colony? Mud Volcanoes and Dragon Glass? Of course!!

To attend this event:

You can also fill out the form if only interested and want to stay in the loop.

Click Here to send a Direct Message to Marc (screen name Oddie)
Click Here for our Local Camping Zoom Q & A (every other) Wed 7:30 PM
Meet others attending, be social. Come to the zoom and ask any questions about the event.

We believe in good decent social. We have a set of sister group we post our local free, local/regional camping, and our overseas events to.

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