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The Great LA Walk 2024. We join this yearly. Come and be part of the happening

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Oddie and Anna B.
The Great LA Walk 2024.  We join this yearly. Come and be part of the happening


For the 19th year . . . .walking across Los Angeles!

Here is a vid someone made of the Wilshire walk a few years ago.

Hundreds of Angelenos will hit the sidewalks for The Great Los Angeles Walk - the annual event that dispels the myth that “nobody walks in L.A.”

The event happens on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Each year a start spot is chosen. And then we go.
As of now they 2024 has not be announced. As soon as it is . . . we will post it here.

Stay tuned for more details!

Of course you can always check for updates

The Great Los Angeles Walk grew from dozens of participants to hundreds, and continues to expand each year as more Angelenos join in to explore their city on foot. The Los Angeles Times is a media marketing partner.

As always, the Walk is completely free. It is up to the participants to decide how much or how little of the walk they want to do.

Here is the link from a previous year we went.

To attend this event:

The form is a safety thing. If you do not fill it out. You will not be hiking with us.
You can also fill out the form if only interested and want to stay in the loop.

Click here for carpool info

Got questions?
Click Here to send a Direct Message to Marc (screen name Oddie)

Other notable hiking we have planned:
Dec 23 Music Box Stairs & Painted Stairs & Steepest Streets Urban Hike
Jan 6 Santa Paula Punchbowls
Jan 27 Ladder Canyon Hike ( Mecca Hills, CA)
Mar 2 Kelso Dunes Hike (Mojave)
March 10 Visit the California Poppy Bloom . . . Antelope Valley. LA Carpool startpoint
Apr 6 Calcite Mine Slot Canyon Hikes and "The Slot" hike in Anza Borrego
May 18 Bridge To Nowhere
May 25 Yosemite Hikes! MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! (Vernal, Nevada Falls, Yosemite Falls Upper or lower
Nov 16 The Great LA Walk 2024

NOTICE: For our events we do not discriminate by Age, Gender, Gender Preference, Ethnicity, National Origin, Race, Color, Religion, or even Belly Button Lint.

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