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What we’re about

***COVID Protocol: Mask up outdoors when physical distancing not possible.  I have no evidence COVID can even spread outside.  I also believe Fit People are not high risk for COVID.   If you have high risk family members, act accordingly.  As always, hike at your own risk. *** Bob

Enjoy the outdoors and get a fitness experience at the same time.  Explore the fabulous hiking the Central Coast has to offer.  The Central Coast has easy access to camping and backpacking trips from Los Angeles National Forest to Sequoia to Santa Cruz.  Hikes for all skill levels.  You should join if you enjoy hiking the outdoors, and meeting new people.  

See a listing of many of our hikes here, and a map of the Best Hikes here.

Co-Organizer for the group is Ron "The Machine" Dickerson.   He is a senior member of the Central Coast hiking community, and knows a lot of the history here, having lived it.  He also posts a lot of great Central Coast hiking photos.  Ron and many others donate their time to the hiking community.

Mission and Vision:  

The Mission of The Central Coast Hiking Group is to safely introduce people to the beauty and fun of the hiking and outdoors fitness experience here.

We all benefit through the wealth of open-access trails.

Each time we adventure outside we recognize the trail system was put in place by volunteers and needs maintenance. We are active members of the hiking community, and sponsor trail maintenance.

We operate on a contribution basis.  

Contributions are used to maintain the trail system, to purchase safety gear for the hike leaders, and to pay the costs of the website.  It's a good deal because we do a lot of hikes.  More information about our budget, here.  

We hike as a group, make sure members do not get left behind on our hikes. Please advise the group leader if you are a beginner or first timer.  More information about Enthusiast Expectations.

See you on the Trails!

Bob C.

* This group is dedicated to a beautiful soul, Jackie Michon.  Jackie, you are the reason we share the beauty of this world today.   Smile :)

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