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What we’re about

Hello St. Pete!

Just moved here from California and excited to share some offerings.

Events on the Horizon:
Laughter Club- Improv Comedy, Laughter Yoga, Laughter "Therapy"- having oodles of fun and exploring the healing connecting power of laughter

Kali Flow (Rythmic Stick Dancing aka Siniwali)- Drawn from martial arts.... Dancing with Sticks-

Childlike Spirit Playshop- An hour and a half of play play play. We're talking duck duck goose, magical chairs, etc. SO MUCH FUN.

Past events have included:
Eye Gazing Meditation

Energy Sharing Circle

Transparent Communication- Speak here now

Love, Intimacy and Connection Salon

Guided Meditation

Men's Intimacy Salon (Supporting men having nonsexual intimacy and closeness)


The Work of Byron Katie

Tuning In to The Healing Stream- Guided Meditation

Become your own Healer! Based on the work of Bruno Groening

Self-Empathy- the art of listening to yourself

If you are interested in collaboration, please do send me a message.