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Democratizing CI/CD, Empowering Devs + Co-Ops: Avoiding Waterfall Pipelines

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18:00 Getting together (Pizza!)
18:30: Joseph Goldstein: Democratizing CI/CD & Empowering developers with Jenkins Pipelines
19:15: Break
19:30: Community Announcements & Hiring Callouts
19:35: Roy Osherove: Co-Ops: Moving from Waterfall Pipelines to Cooperative Pipelines
20:20: End of the evening


  1. Josef Goldstein (Proofpoint)
    Democratizing CI/CD & Empowering developers with Jenkins Pipelines
    Building and maintaining a robust CI/CD solution for modern day SaaS applications can become an ever increasing challenge.

Catering to a vast and diverse array of Microservices, and the developers behind them, can prove to be impractical if leaned on a single team in the R&D.

In this session we will talk about how we can overcome these challenges by placing the responsibility back in the hands of the developers using simple tools like Jenkins pipelines.

About Josef :

Josef Goldstein in an Engineering Manager at Proofpoint, where he leads the platform engineering team for Proofpoint’s cloud security products. He has over a decade of experience with building service oriented systems and deploying them at scale. Josef believes the secret sauce for creating sustainable complex software systems is good design practices and effective communication between people, and works tirelessly to build the culture necessary to support these values.

  1. Roy Osherove: Co-Ops - Moving from Waterfall Pipelines to Cooperative Pipelines

Why are some organizations able to implement true continuous delivery, and others are endlessly struggling and striking out on the path there?

I this talk we will introduce the idea of Co-Ops: Pipeline-driven processes - and how those are different from "we just have a few Jenkins jobs lying around".

By delegating Tactical day to day IT related decisions to pipelines, instead of letting humans make them, we can slowly achieve true continuous delivery.

In a pipeline-driven world, testers need to learn new skills (coding, automation, coaching). Ops need to learn new skills (coaching, infra as code, testing). Security folks need to learn new skills (coaching, testing, automation and coding, ops). Devs need to learn new skills (coaching, testing, ops, security). Compliance need to learn new skills (automation, testing, coaching).
Everyone is affected.

Co-Ops & Pipeline driven organizations pull us out of our silos and into more collaboration. It can be really painful if we don't know what to expect.

In this talk we will discuss what such a process might look like in real life, what types of possible collaborations can exist, and what challenges we face making it happen.

About Roy:

Roy is the author of "Art of Unit Testing" and "Elastic Leadership" and the upcoming "Pipeline Driven" book. He is a freelance consultant and trainer. His website is at .

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