Democratizing Ops & Empowering developers with Pipelines + TBD (Speaker needed)

Continuous Delivery Israel
Continuous Delivery Israel
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18:00 Getting together (Pizza!)
18:30: Joseph Goldstein: Getting Developers to work on pipelines
19:15: Break
19:30: Community Announcements & Hiring Callouts
19:35: TBD (Speaker needed )
20:20: End of the evening


1) Josef Goldstein (Proofpoint)
Democratizing Ops & Empowering developers with Jenkins Pipelines
Building and maintaining a robust CI/CD solution for modern day SaaS applications can become an ever increasing challenge.

Catering to a vast and diverse array of Microservices, and the developers behind them, can prove to be impractical if leaned on a single team in the R&D.

In this session we will talk about how we can overcome these challenges by placing the responsibility back in the hands of the developers using simple tools like Jenkins pipelines.
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