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What we’re about

No marketing BS. Just engineering practices, eXtreme Programming, Continuous Delivery & DevOps.

• Continuous delivery (CD for short) & Continuous Integration

• Branching Models & Feature Toggles

• eXtreme Programming Practices *Pairing, TDD, ATDD, Refactoring etc..)

• Infrastructure as Code

• Influencing change to transform practices

• Bottlenecks & pipelines on the road to CI/CD

• Important metrics & KPIs needed for our journey

• Connecting Dev,QA,Ops,Sec & compliance into pipelines

• Interesting tools & techniques relevant to this world

• How XP & CD fits into things like Scrum SAFe, disciplined Agile Delivery etc..

Great for Ops, Dev, Security, compliance and agile leadership folks (PM, scrum masters, etc)