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What we’re about

Darby Ranch is a Tao Based CE-5 meditation and instruction group. We at Darby Ranch are here to create an environment for our members in which a positive spiritual catalyst occurs which facilitates the initiation of positive ET/NHI contact through the healing light of universal compassion and understanding and sharing that light with others.

CE-5, CE-6 (NHI) & 7 Tampa Bay at Darby Ranch, Dade City, FL USA

CE-5: “Human Initiated bilateral contact experiences that are a result of conscious, voluntary, proactive and cooperative communication between human and extraterrestrial intelligence.”

CE-6: As used in this group it means: “Human initiated psychologically intimate communicative bilateral contact experiences between humans and Non Human, Inter-dimensional and non-corporeal intelligences that are a result of conscious, voluntary, positive and proactive cooperative communication.”

CE-7: “Human initiated invitation for positive bilateral contact with extraterrestrial beings and non-human intelligences that result in invitation and voluntary entry into and exit from an ET vehicle, structure, enclosure (xendra) or conveyance.”

CE-5, 6 and 7 are more than just making contact and seeing UFOs. CE-5, 6 and 7 are and should be an important part of a means to one’s self-cultivation, spiritual evolution and refinement as a human being and sentiently connected member of the universe and beyond. The ultimate goal of this self cultivation and transformation is not to merely see UFOs but to connect the CE practitioner to the infinite intelligence of Universal Source and the “Integral Space-Time Highway” that makes ET/NHI contact possible.

It has been our experience that as one self-cultivates, his or her spirit becomes integrated and synthesized. Those who become harmonized physically, mentally and spiritually can then begin to move interdimensionally and through the recognition of self by self and others as self can open up gateways to healing, ET/NHI contact and even more importantly to our infinite intelligent and compassionate universal source. Successful CE ET/NHI contact is more than just following someone else’s protocol. It is a consequence of our successful self-cultivation and the development of higher spiritual capabilities. What we do here at Darby Ranch is to help cultivate through ourselves and CE-5 something that is so enormous that it equates to cultivating the universe. That is why we are here. That is why we do what we do.

According to Mr. Murburg, “CE-5 is not about about just seeing UFOs. It is far more. CE-5 is a gateway for those who have become spiritually evolved enough to search for it. It is the beginning of a spiritual journey the results of which will depend upon the practitioner’s (and group’s) levels of actual spiritual evolution which comes through the cultivation of non-materiality and the refinement of non-ego. Just as there is no ultimate dharma, no method of CE-5, 6 or 7is definitive. For beginners an orthodox CE-5 protocol may be necessary.  For others who have been able to make contact, an orthodox CE-5 protocol is of little use or relevance. Any CE method is merely a means of activating a spiritual end and getting a positive ontological metaphysical result in response to one’s heightened spiritual state and projected positive intention. Darby Ranch is therefore not a place for UFO sightseeing or UAP voyeurism. It is not a place to look for a date or any other reason other than making ET/NHI contact. These entities are real. They exist. They are advanced and they have been coming here out of their own compassion as part of the infinite integral universal source to answer our spiritual need for healing.

Relevant contact requires spiritual work. Darby Ranch is a place where deeply spiritual and spiritually like-minded persons may peacefully and safely gather without judgment or recrimination in order to offer and to share their unconditional friendship, love and compassion for each other as spiritual beings and project that in a special way in order to make contact with extraterrestrial and inter dimensional beings and non-human intelligences who are our more ancient spiritual brothers, sisters and celestial counterparts. To that end, CE-5, 6 and 7 are means of beginning both a personal and social spiritual evolution that is necessary for our own personal refinement and the resultant transformation of human society and this planet as we know it into what it can and was always meant to be; something that is very far away from where it has been and where it stands today as a dark, simple and violent place.

The Darby Ranch CE Contact, Research and Teaching Institute was founded by Mr. Murburg in 2015 as an outreach resource for other contactes and experiencers. “Mike” is a graduate of Princeton University, an honors graduate of the FSU College of Law and has practiced law since 1987. His website is

Mike has been a contactee throughout his life and as far back as 1957. After one very extraordinary, profound and photographed CE-3 contact experience on 10/4/15 Mike became involved with the research that was being done at astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s and Rey Hernandez’s Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters and Extraordinary Experiences, now CCRI, the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute.

Mike’s contact history and the early history of the Darby group are memorialized  in Chapter 12 of “Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence” the seminal tome published by CCRI board members Dr. Jon Klimo, (Brown University), Reinerio Hernandez, (Cornell University) and Dr. Rudy Schild, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who has been active in UFO/UAP consciousness research since the mid-1960s. He has authored or contributed to over 250 papers, of which 150 are in refereed journals.

“Beyond UFOs” is an 820 page work that details the peer reviewed academic research findings of the world's first comprehensive multi-language quantitative and qualitative 5 year academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact with Non Human Intelligences and the long term and short term effects that contact has had on them. Reading this study is encouraged but not required to become a member of this meetup group.

In 2015 Mike began Darby Ranch initially as part of an experiencer-contactee outreach and counseling program as indicated above. However, based on the significant contact histories and experiences of the initial members, the mission quickly evolved into a Non-Greer affiliated, protocol based ET/NHI CE-5 monthly meetup with a small group of lifelong contactees and Darby Ranch experiencers at its core.

Since February 2016 Mike and this group members have engaged in monthly independent ET/NHI contact work. The Darby Ranch group does affiliate with Dr. Stephen Greer but it does confederate with & other independent people & groups in the US and throughout the world that practice CE-5. Mike has also lectured nationally on the subject of the spiritual nature of contact and has striven to demystify, simplify the modus operandi of protocol based contact and to democratize CE-5 so that all can practice it and enjoy its benefits. We charge nothing for his protocol, instruction, orientation or attendance at the Darby Ranch’s CE-5 training and CE fieldwork. Donations, however are accepted so that we may keep up the grounds and to continue to provide a safe and unfettered place where participants may safely learn and practice CE-5 and engage with each other and the ET/NHI phenomenon on a monthly and uninterrupted basis.

Membership at Darby Ranch is open to people who are spiritually conscious and who want to learn the simplified CE-5 Protocols and engage in close, peaceful Human Initiated Extraterrestrial and NHI (non-human intelligence) contact.

Our "Field work" is done nights, once a month at Mike's ranch away from the city lights in Dade City, FL. We are located in central Pasco county just 30 mins N of center city Tampa. We begin our meetup w/an informal meet and greet an hour or so before sunset. This includes a potluck dinner (so bring. food/snacks for yourselves and others) & an orientation thereafter. Orientation is followed by CE-5 meditations at dusk and 10:30 and individual meditations and sky watches that end at 1:30 AM.

Before attending, new members are required to have read the Ranch introduction and Protocols that are sent upon membership. This should be done at least two weeks prior to their attendance at their first CE-5 to see if the protocol and group is right for them and visa versa. The group has been extraordinarily successful with well documented close visual encounters and proximal contact with ET/NHI. Our protocol is based in part on the Taoist concepts of self cultivation, spiritual refinement and. transformation. Contained within these concepts are truth, natural piety, (respect and reverence for all life), natural humility, (an indiscriminating love and compassion applied to others and to oneself) and Universal Consciousness, (the recognition of non-duality and the natural connectedness of all beings and things). The Tao also encourages service to others before service to self. To these we add a pre-CE meditation based on gratitude, forgiveness and the dissolution of ego into the singularity of unity consciousness and the oneness of all beings and non-beings (that which can be seen and that which cannot).

Further study is encouraged by all members in all of the Conscious Contact modalities including but not limited to positive religious and “paranormal” experiences including CE-6 and 7, TSP, Remote Viewing and Shamanic based peak conscious experiences, especially where ET and NHI are involved. That being said, Darby Ranch is a smoke free and free-drug free zone.

This meetup is for serious CE-5, 6 and 7 students and experiencers. This group should not be considered a dating meetup. As a consequence of the seriousness of our practitioners, engaging the phenomena here at the ranch just keeps on getting better and better. Successful contact is all about the people that serious CE-5, 6 and 7 contact attracts here and their ability to consciously project through CTS (Conscious Thought Sequencing) the subtle energies of mutual love and compassion through space-time, (a simple technique that you will be taught here) past the interface of what Mike calls “The Subtle Realm”. There is truly a miraculous source of human - ET/NHI interaction going on here and we want to share it with as many people as possible. Like it or not, it seems that our only spiritual and physical salvation as a planet and a species will come not from our National and international governments but from our own individual spiritual cultivation and transformation. From our experience, this is what actually brings us the recognition, healing and salvation that comes from above.

Attendance at our monthly meetup is limited to only 30 members per meetup. You must be over 18 and a member to attend. Parking, bathroom and skywatch setup is in the field around the fire pit behind the big white barn. Parking is limited to 30 vehicles. Carpooling is advised. Arrive at least one hour before sunset. Do not be late. Gates and parking promptly close at sunset and reopen at 1:30 PM.

The Ranch’s official Facebook site is: Tampa Hice/ce-5, Darby Ranch, FL, USA

Here is a video of one of our CE-5 skywatch and fieldwork.

Check Ken’s site out and our Facebook page for interesting articles on consciousness and contact. Hope to see y’all out here whenever you can make it.
Love, Peace and Thanks, Sincerely, NMM