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What we’re about

What is a Ceili ?
Ceili ( pronounced kay-lee) is a gaelic word for a Music Party, that includes songs, dance tunes, poetry, and stories. It is a community gathering filled with joy and laughter for everyone.

What do we do:
Everyone is invited to bring a song to sing; a jig, reel, or hornpipe to play; a story to tell; or a poem to read. The more persons who bring something dear to their heart, the richer the experience for everyone. We have the Violet and Yellow Fairy books, full of delightful stories that anyone can read aloud. Poems by Yeats. Van Morrison and Bob Dylan are solidly rooted in the Celtic tradition, so their songs are welcome, as well as more traditional Celtic songs and dance tunes.

Who should come:
Musicians, singers, poets, storytellers. Anyone who enjoys listening to, and participating in these traditional forms of expression. Anyone who enjoys the community of kindred spirits, drawn together by the camaraderie that music creates.

Our goal:
It is our goal to create a community that thrives on these traditional celebrations found throughout Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.