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What we’re about

Have you exhausted the horror sections of Netflix and Amazon Prime and become convinced that - given the opportunity - you could make a better scary movie? Do you also have no experience in the field, know no one in the area that has any interest in making a movie, and have no idea where to start?

Sounds like we have something in common.

This is a brand new group dedicated to making some low-budget horror films. Whatever talents you can bring to the table, whether it be acting, writing, or directing, you are welcome to join. As the groups develops, we may decide to focus on a single project that we have developed together; perhaps we each have our own projects in mind and we assist each other in ways unavailable to us alone. Maybe a combination of the two. There are no requirements to join save for a love of horror films and the desire to go out and make one. The goal is to celebrate our favorite genre of film, get our hands a bit dirty in the process, and have a blast doing it. If we get a quality film out of the process and make new friends, that's a bonus.