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What we’re about

There are times when we want to just sit with our own selves and do what we want to do. We just feel like being disconnected with the world and spend some time for ourselves and rejuvenate ourselves for our materialistic life that we are living.

No doubt all of us have most comfortable homes where we live but still at our homes between our families we can’t connect to ourselves. As at our homes we are surrounded by duties that we perform endlessly, this is also a very important part of our lives. But it is also true that if we are not able to keep ourselves happy and if we are not happy we will not be able to keep others happy.

Trusting the above mentioned theory and believing in it we have decided to come up with a place where you can meet yourself, spend time and do things which we want to do. We are bringing things like meditation, yoga, book reading and even as simple thing as enjoying drinking coffee all under one roof. And what I find best about this place is that it is not bounded by time which means you can spend as much time as you want at no additional cost. And we assure you that this place is going to be a very special place for you and you will always be wanting to spend time in this place.

Enjoy Life!

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