Progressive web apps and the Windows ecosystem w/ Aaron Gustafson


Talk Description:
Whether at home or at work, the Web plays an increasingly critical role in our daily lives. As we have become more dependent on accessing the tools it powers, we’ve also struggled to overcome some of its limitations—network connectivity, for instance. At Microsoft, we’ve long been interested in the power of the web for software development and we are even more excited for the future possibilities offered by Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). In this session, I’ll discuss what PWAs are, how they can be integrated into the development process of modern websites, the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs vs. native development, and what opportunities they present when installed alongside native apps in Windows.

As would be expected from a former manager of the Web Standards Project (, Aaron Gustafson is passionate about web standards and accessibility. He has been working on the Web for two decades now and is a web standards advocate at Microsoft (, working closely with their browser team. He penned the seminal book on progressive enhancement, Adaptive Web Design (, and writes about whatever’s on his mind at (