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What we’re about

Chinese Tea, the ancestor of all teas, is another type of art form like Kung Fu. Leafs from the same tree can be modulated ever-changing fragrances: White Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Dark Tea. China is well-known as the homeland of tea, not only because China gave birth to the world's first tea tree, but also because the Chinese treat it as a life form to communicate between the Heaven and the Earth in our universe....A leaf randomly drops into the water, changing the water's taste, as a result of the great discovery of a pure natural drink --- tea, which is for all humans ever since. Tea, after a water and fire, life and death experience, is so meaningful, after we meet on the Canadian soil as an immigration country; the fate of tea is also our fate. Let us continue talking and sharing more Cha Duo Fun (literally Tea More FUN) stories.

Cha Duo FUN (aka Tea More FUN, or TMF as its acronym) is a non-profit organisation titled Tea More Fun Multicultural Society of Canada, which helps both adults and kids become better at listening, speaking, reading, writing and interpreting Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese with a strong focus on SPEAKING in Business Scenarios, especially designed for native English or French speakers. We have assisted many a CBC and Caucasian students to pick up Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and improve their skills and move into Advanced Business Chinese classes for higher level of studies, and even for degree-achieving studies in China (not just Taiwan). We offer “1 on 1” CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) tutorial classes with professional tea services and ceremonies by Tea Master(s).

Our instructor “MR.KK” LaoShi (Literally “Teacher KK” or "Mr.KK") always reminds us: “A dream says we hope we will succeed. A goal says we will succeed. A plan says we will have succeeded. A piece of the action says we have succeeded. Your success is our success! “