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Chinese Tea, the ancestor of all teas, is another type of art form like Kung Fu. Leafs from the same tree can be modulated ever-changing fragrances: White Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Dark Tea. China is well-known as the homeland of tea, not only because China gave birth to the world's first tea tree, but also because the Chinese treat it as a life form to communicate between the Heaven and the Earth in our universe....A leaf randomly drops into the water, changing the water's taste, as a result of the great discovery of a pure natural drink --- tea, which is for all humans ever since. Tea, after a water and fire, life and death experience, is so meaningful, after we meet on the Canadian soil as an immigration country; the fate of tea is also our fate. Let us continue talking and sharing more Tea More Fun (Cha Duo Fun) stories.

Cha Duo FUN (CDF) is a business-oriented language and culture exchange group, which helps both adults and kids become better at listening, speaking, reading, writing and interpreting Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese with a strong focus on SPEAKING in Business Scenarios, especially designed for native English or French speakers. We have assisted many a CBC and Caucasian students to pick up Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) and improve their skills and move into Advanced Business Chinese classes for higher level of studies, and even for degree-achieving studies in China (not just Taiwan). We offer “1 on 1” CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) tutorial classes with professional tea services and ceremonies by Tea Master(s).

Our instructor “MR.KK” LaoShi (Literally “Teacher KK”) always reminds us: “A dream says we hope we will succeed. A goal says we will succeed. A plan says we will have succeeded. A piece of the action says we have succeeded. Your success is our success! “


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