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Let's create a Silicon Valley-like atmosphere right here in Ahmedabad. Come meet follow tech entrepreneurs, freely discuss ideas, stories, problems and insights, practice and perfect your pitch.

Indian startups may fail for a variety of reasons, but not having anyone to talk to should not be one of them. Stop worrying that someone will "steal your idea". Start sharing and see the wonders it can do for you. Have deeper discussions about equity, outsourcing, product-market-fit, scaling, infrastructure, technology choices, design, UX and a variety of topics.

Start by watching the Y-Combinator videos at http://startupschool.org so we can all have a common source of knowledge to build upon.

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Business Plans / Lean Canvas

Mokko Labs

easilyDone Alpha at Chai Combinator

Needs a location

Open Office / Workshop and General Discussion

Mokko Labs

Startup Equity 101

Mokko Labs

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