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What we’re about

I wanted to start a group that could get together on a monthly basis or so and allow for English Bulldogs and their owners to socialize and play in a relaxed park setting. Other non-aggressive breeds are more than welcome to join and any help in setting up the first meetup would be greatly appreciated it. I just moved to Dilworth from LKN and am still becoming familiar with the area. That being said I think this group would be a great way for those who don't own Bulldogs to join and come to the meetups to learn more about the breed especially if they're planning on purchasing one. As English Bulldog owners we all know how much responsibility it is to care for one, but we all know it's worth it because they are the most caring, loyal little guys/gals. Please feel free to write me with any suggestions & comments. Thank you. Also, all those advertising breeding/breeders will be deleted asap. Thanks.