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What we’re about

A lot of networking and business meetings are geared towards small businesses with 10, 20, even 50 employees. But the vast majority of businesses are actually the ones owned and operated by a single person. Call them freelancers, consultants, coaches or creatives, these "solopreneurs" don't have the luxury of having dedicated marketing staff, sales people, bookkeepers, or even cleaning crew. They often wear all of these hats and more.

The Charlotte Solopreneurs group is intended for anyone running a business on their own, where we will learn from and support each other, discussing topics that are specific to solopreneurs and micro-businesses. If you have a very small team (of say 2-5), you are welcome to join, but the focus will be on one-man shops.

Working alone can be isolating, so this group was created to bring solopreneurs together for conversation and community. While we do hope you create connections that prove useful to your business and learn something new, our networking and events are focused on getting to know each other and building relationships, not direct selling to each other or looking for a date.

We hope you join us at one of our workshops or signature events such as the Solopreneur Happy Hour and the Monday Morning Coffee & Mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there.