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What we’re about

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We're located at Please introduce yourself and feel free to make posts!

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<br> Who we are:

We are a group specifically for people that are looking to grow their skills and get connected with the Charlotte developer community. Interested in software development but not sure where to start? Just graduated from a programming boot camp? Been coding for a few years? This meetup is for you!

Our goal:

To grow Charlotte as a tech community. It starts with junior developers!


There is some financial risk that companies take on by interviewing and hiring a junior developer. Quite often you see "years of experience" listed on job requirements to mitigate that risk. Our goal is to get to know you and vouch for you based on your credibility, not how long you've been programming, so you can get that interview.

Junior Developers <br>

Join and get involved! The more we get to know you, the more likely we can recommend you. We're putting together a checklist of things to work on that will give you some code cred. Connect on slack to meet super nice and encouraging people!


If you are a more experienced developer and interested in growing and mentoring the next generation of developers, please join! All contributions welcome.

Companies and Recruiters

Looking for new talent? Please get in touch! We can help spread the word and provide recommendations for you. We also have a #jobs channel that you are welcome to post at any time on slack.