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Come along and join now...get into the thrilling world of real estate and business investing.

You'll gain GARGANTUAN in site as we go travel into The Outback and go 'behind-the-scenes' of how winning deals are done. For real estate and business investors, The Outback is a "solutions at all cost" mentality training, packed with proper, effective and empowered thinking coupled with real estate fundamentals that will have YOU be the Author of your success!

We will breakthrough and interrupt your old ways of thinking!

You'll discover creative solutions to acquire real estate and small businesses...outside of those traditional "inside the box" methods.

Together we will move past the brain washing we've all experienced from the banks, our creditors, society and even our parents and friends.With the proper mindset and fundamentals, over-time, one can acquire enough real estate to build substantial assets that provide you with financial independence and freedom.

Every meeting will build on the next, especially during the mindset & fundamental technical lessons. You'll meet other local investors, network and do deals.

Come join us!.

Bring your open mind and willingness to learn more about what's possible in The Outback.

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Series Kick Off Event: The Art of Real Estate Mastery Intensive Workshop

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