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Ever heard of Artificial Intelligence and said: "wow that sounds creepy"? Don't be worried (at least not yet), AI is a fascinating topic that will change every single aspect of our life (hopefully for the best).

We believe that Hong Kong should not stay behind when it comes to building the future of computing! Therefore we have created this community; to share, converse, and improve our knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and chatbots (https://rocketbots.io/)!

The Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong is a non-profit organization dedicated to the further development of the tremendous AI technologies and broad adoption. We aim to develop inquiry and curiosity about AI among those who are not in direct contact with this terrific science.

We have organized over 130 AI related events, seminars and conferences in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai with our winning strategic global partners since 2017. We have successfully created an incredible ecosystem of engaging membership from local and overseas corporate, government and universities.

Together the AI Society can create a great platform for specialists to share their smart ideas and amazing knowledge to help us prepare for the huge benefits and challenges that this incredibly technology will create in the coming decade.

Who is this community for:
- Anyone who is interested in learning more about this futuristic topic, regardless of your background or occupation

Find out more at www.aisociety.hk (https://aisociety.hk/)

Please feel free to connect and message me in LinkedIn if you have any question!


Upcoming events (5)

SenseTime World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2020

Registration to the SenseTime AI Forum for #WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) 2020 has begun! The forum invites prominent scholars and industry leaders to share their views on #AI and discuss how the technology is empowering many industries. Register now at: https://m.worldaic.com.cn/h5/register/ Note: For overseas, please add area code in front of your mobile number when registering, i.e. [area/country code] [mobile number] #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #SenseTime #WAIC #AISocietyHK

SenseTime AI Education 2020

Online event

Come and join SenseTime AI Education and learn the Trend of AI on 21 Jul 2020 (Tue) at 14:00 - 16:00 at AI Plug / Webinar. SenseTime is a leading global company focused on developing AI technologies that advance the world’s economies, society and humanity for a better tomorrow. It is also the world’s most-funded AI pure-play with the highest valuation. Topics include: Importance of Studying AI / What is AI / What is Computer Vision / Simple Coding Trial for All Participants Requirements: Participants should bring a laptop with them for the coding Class Size: 20 (Classroom) / Unlimited (Online) Language: Conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin For registration, please click: https://hkstp.wufoo.com/forms/mvlhkkt0pdcvdd/ #SenseTime #AI #ComputerVision #HKSTP #AIPlug #AISocietyHK

HKAI Lab 4th Accelerator Program

Online event

HKAI are now accepting applications for their 4th accelerator programs! HKAI Lab, a platform jointly established by Alibaba, SenseTime and HKSTP. This not-for-profit initiative aims to empower local AI startups, nurture talents and boost development of AI technology in Hong Kong. HKAI Lab also connect AI communities of enterprises, startups, academics, associations and venture capitals, fostering Hong Kong’s role in being a global hub of innovation and creation. For more information, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Luv9Y_7Uvig For application, please click: www.hongkongai.org! #HKAILab #AI #Alibaba #SenseTime #HKSTP #AISocietyHK

AI+U 2020

Hong Kong Science Park

Come and learn more about AI+U 2020! The AI+U 2020 is taking an active role in bringing the Artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR) community together to accelerate innovation, technology adoption and collaboration across different industries which aim to take the AIR revolution to new heights. The participating AI companies connected and shared knowledge with nearly 1,000 attendees from large corporations, businesses and industry bodies. Attendees were impressed by commercialised solutions such as factory production line management systems, workforce planning systems, financial data analytics, AI-powered alarm systems and healthcare solutions. For more information, please click: https://sites.google.com/view/ai-plus-u-2020/home/visitor

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