What we're about

Ever heard of Artificial Intelligence and said: "wow that sounds creepy"? Don't be worried (at least not yet), AI is a fascinating topic that will change every single aspect of our life (hopefully for the best).

We believe that Hong Kong should not stay behind when it comes to building the future of computing! Therefore we have created this community; to share, converse, and improve our knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and chatbots (https://rocketbots.io/)!

Who is this community for:
- Anyone who is interested in learning more about this futuristic topic, regardless of your background or occupation

So join now and be prepared for when the cyborgs come for real (just kidding... or am I?)

Find out more at www.aisociety.hk (https://aisociety.hk/)

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Big Data & Machine Learning Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2018


Building Two AI Startups in Hong Kong

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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2018

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