• Foodie Tour of Chattanooga-Pinball Machines and Artsy stuff Day

    Niedlov's Cafe & Bakery

    A Too Hot to Hike Summer Series event

    See the notes on signing up at the bottom.

    Wear your stretchy pants. Think Thanksgiving clothes. Manternity pants for your food baby.

    Comfy Shoes! We're going to walk a lot on this one.

    This will be a series of full days in Chattanooga with a tour of multiple venues and food places. This is my first in a bunch I am planning. You can go out to eat and experience cool stuff with great people, and me. I'm not so bad.

    My daughters have called me a food hipster. I mean Foodie? Okay, I can see that. I love to explore all different kinds of foods. But a Hipster? I did have a beard for a while, but never any skinny Jeans.

    Yeah okay me and skinny jeans are not something you'll ever want to see me in, but food...

    One of the Benefits of having a significant other, a partner, special someone, whatever term you want to use is the ability to have someone to go out to eat at cool places. Sadly, my partner Sam a Yellow kindofalab dog is not eligible to go to nice places to eat with me, but I guess you guys could come. He isn't much of a conversationalist and prone to inappropriate sniffing. Probably better table manners from you guys anyways. At least I hope so.

    Sam once shamelessly Conned a table full of women at at an outdoor patio at Straight to Ale out of 3/4 of their soft pretzel. When they left they all knew his name, stopped to say goodbye, loved on him, told him how cute he was. Me? They had no clue to my name and never said goodbye.

    That's when I realized I am not even his wingman. I am just his driver.

    Does he ever pick up the tab? Nope. He's truly mans best friend, but he does like to test a guys limits of that.

    So I'll bring you guys. If you promise not to beg from the table next to us. This is a pretty packed day.

    We start at Niedlov's breadworks. The Beatles actually had this place in mind in there song All you niedlov's. Bread is so much more uncomplicated than love and considerably less expensive. I am pretty sure that's what the Beatles meant. The bakery. Keep it simple. They have Ham and cheese Croissants too.

    Then thanks to help from a friend pinball at the Pinball Museum. Hey, it's only $20 to get in and its unlimited play. That's way cheaper than Chuckie Cheese and no one is going to look at you funny as you a grown person jump into the Ball Pit. I mean I would, this place just doesn't have them. The wristband is good for all day so we can go back!
    Here's the link

    Lupi's Pizza Pies. Pizza is Foodie? You Betcha! Doris Shober opened Lupi's and uses local fresh ingredients from the ground beef and tomatoes (when available) to the honey and whole wheat in the dough--Lupis has their very own farm, Flying Turtle Farm (Cool Names)

    Okay so we've done two foodie things and one fun thing. Let's keep it classy. You don't hear me say that much so you should take advantage of the moment. Look we had a moment! Just like Sam's moment with the table full of women. Me? I didn't get a moment, or really a glance for that matter. We're going to walk over to Hunter Museum. Always wanted to go here because it looks like Tony Starks mansion. I am convinced Iron man is in there. We can look for the cool cave with all the Iron Man suits and the Shelby Cobra. Okay maybe a little lost there. My inner nerd is shining. He's probably not home. After there's an Art walk around the surrounding area.
    General admission is $20. Grab a ticket here.

    Mangia! Rustic Italian. See? I have managed to keep it classy this far. Personal best. This place looks nice. Personal favorite is Easy Bistro, but for you guys its italian.
    Here is their site

    If you're still with me we ain't done yet! It is Ice cream Time! I love me some Clumpies. A walk over to Clumpies Ice cream for dessert. Then we all go home and settle into our own food comas. Foodie day one complete! I have more days coming

    A note on attending. If you sign up show up! I'll be watching the attendance. There are limited spots so don't take one only to bail on me. If you're one of the habitual sign up and bail people please skip this one. What happens is you sign up to reserve a spot then drop out last minute leaving a vacancy someone else could've filled. They then only have moments to make the decision to come and of course can't. Be kind.
    You are responsible to get your own tickets at the Pinball museum and at the museum. Each stop does involve some expense. You can come with us to some locations and just get a glass of water if you want.

  • Hiwassee Blueway Rail to River Paddle Event

    Hiwassee Ocoee State Park

    Another one in conjunction with Chattanooga Outdoor Adventures.

    This is a train ride, and a kayak trip, and dinner, and music, and animal presentations, and I am being grammatically incorrect and should use less ands and more commas. And I need to stop using and.

    Book your trip now. It sells out! Don't leave me doing this with strangers...

    Well, I talk to strangers so I'd be okay, there is never any free candy in their van though. Friendly faces would be cool though.

    I was going to work something in from a Classic movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles thanks to a movie quote Tyler reminded me of this past weekend. "Those aren't pillows." We of course chuckled a lot. The older the guy the more mature... Yea, not. You'll have to look up the quote, but he had me laughing. I like the less fine art movies, but couldn't work that movie in to it.

    So, from the quote and the picture cinematic classic Without a Paddle...

    “So you're saying you lost the map? You don't have it?
    "No, I'm saying I forgot to hold on to it while my a** was free-falling over a 100 footwaterfall."
    "So you don't have it?”

    I confess to loving some of the less cultured cinematic events and this buddy rafting trip is a classic. One of my friends actually saw it, called me and said it reminded them of three of us that grew up together. They're searching for D.B. Coopers money.

    You can pick out a little of each of us in the movies characters.
    A more poignant sentiment comes from Burt Reynolds character.

    “You can lose your money. You can spend all of it, and if you work hard, you get it all back. But if you waste your time, you're never gonna get it back.”

    The point? This one is a little more pricey, but includes A LOT!

    Life is about experiences.

    It's well over a Hundred bucks of fun for well, actually a just a hundred bucks.

    So much fun for such little money.

    Here's the deal
    "Paddler Ticket price includes: Saturday train ride, paddle event, paddling equipment from Webb Bros or Outshine Adventures, dinner and live music at Fireside Outpost, other recreational activities throughout the weekend (hiking, biking, rock climbing, fly fishing lesson, animal presentations, freshwater snorkeling) and tent camping at Gee Creek Campground group campsite."
    Oh and they have this going on on Sunday. They even have Yoga so bring your stretchy pants. This thing is a deal!
    "Sunday, June 25, morning yoga at Fireside Outpost with Outshine Yoga, Group hikes, bike rides and rock climbing, animal programs at the park, freshwater snorkeling (must bring own snorkel/wetsuit), and fly fishing lesson with Trout Unlimited. Visit Savannah Oaks Winery on your own, Ride the Train on your own ($5 discount for event attendees)."
    I may camp, I may not. depending on who else wants to join me and listen to my soothing snoring. I mean the nearby babbling brook.
    We could turn it into a campout, hike the next day, or go to the local winery place. It is a work in progress, but I already bought my ticket. I am trying to get all of you to get on this one early.
    Here is the link. Click now, it sells out.

    See! I look out for you.

    I am becoming responsible...

    Yea, I don't even believe that one..

    It sells out.

    What are you still reading?

    You should've clicked the link above. Made your reservation and ignored all this stuff.

    You're still reading?

    It sells out.

    Really? Click the link.

    No limit on this one folks. If you can make a reservation you're in. If you can't get some adult arm floats on Amazon.

  • Cooking & Cocktails

    Company Chattanooga

    Too Hot to Hike Summer Series event.

    Cocktails at a Speakeasy and a French cooking class

    Trying something different here folks. Don't let me down.

    Was on the fence on this one. It's a little different idea and the Following Week I am on vacation. You guys will have to entertain yourself that next weekend.

    So before I go on Vacation we can do our best Julia Childs. It won't quite be the tough stuff in her book Mastering the Art of French cooking. I've actually done the Beef Bourguignon. Hey, she was pretty cool. I would've definitely hung out with her. Kept some bandaids close though. Her knife skills were only marginally better than mine. She had pretty poor eye to hand coordination. Cut herself on the show a good bit, but a pretty cool outlook on life.

    For Example in her own words

    "The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." (Amen! I love a good salad before the Steak, Medium Rare. The cows last meal is your starter course. Circle of life stuff. Ask Mufasa)

    "I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food . . ." (With a group of friends? Crack open a bottle or three. There's even grilling with beer, but with my friends that also poses a fire hazard)

    "Always remember: If you're alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who's going to know?" (Even Julia obeys the five second rule.)

    "The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit." (An Odd one from Julia. Kind of evokes a vision of the guy with the baseball bat in The Walking Dead. Negan I think? Only Julia in a Leather jacket and a bat...)

    How did I get there?
    Anyways I digress.

    Don't I always?

    Here is the Concept. We meet at Company Chattanooga. It is a Speak Easy for Cocktails before the cooking class. They have a fancy Schmancy drink menu including a personal favorite, WhiskyFlights. Even a drink named after one of my favorite Authors (I really can read) a Hemigway Daiquiri.

    After we bid the Speakeasy Adieu ( <----French stuff) we walk down to Sweet and Savory Classroom for a cooking class.

    They have a lot of different classes. Some looked pretty cool ,but they were date night classes. Sold by the couple. My dog is my significant other and they won't allow him to come so we have to choose from the open classes.

    This one is French stuff.

    Heres the Menu
    Le Menu (<----- more fancy French)

    • French Onion Soup (Soupe à l'Oignon Gratinée) (not the Campbells soup kind either)
    • Pecan Crusted Trout with Lemon Beurre Blanc and Ratatouille (The Vegetable medley Ratatouille, not the beloved Disney Rat. Or was he a mouse? If prepared properly though might he still might be delicious)
    • Baked Cinnamon Apple (No, It's an actual Apple. Not some new flavor from the Makers of Fireball Whisky. Although... Thats not a bad concept)

    A pretty fun night if you ask me and you didn't.

    Le Hurry and make your reservation.

    Check it out here to get your Le ticket tout suite (wow I sound fancy).

    You are responsible for your own reservation. The attendance limit is however many of have signed up for the cooking class. If you didn't sign up for the cooking class your welcome to come for drinks beforehand.

  • Whatever Floats your Goat-River Tubing Reliance TN

    Webb Brothers General Store

    This is a joint event with Chattanooga Outdoor Adventures Meetup Group

    Couldn't resist another Goat theme.

    Denise: "Can you be serious for 5 minutes?"
    Jerry Conlaine: "My record is 4, but i think I can do it"

    That movie quote kind of reminds me of me.

    I mean I am older now. I could probably do 10 minutes. Well maybe 8. Maybe

    I love movies. That quote is a movie gem called Without a Paddle. I've cited that movie before. A river themed movie. It is about a group of guys who grew up together and get back together after their friends death in search by boat of D.B. Coopers treasure based on a map their friend left them. Hilarity and jocularity ensue (redundant?)

    i saw it on a date years ago when I was set up by a friend with her friend. A very conservative kindergarten teacher. She let me pick the Restaurant. I love food, she was in very good hands there. Five and Ten in Athens, GA. Yum! Then let me pick the movie... Huh? I had to question her lack of judgement there.

    I mean she was a bit offended by Shrek and she's letting me pick? (Side note, I did have a Shrek themed surprise birthday party thrown for me, when I was turning 40. Yea I know, but it was so much fun!)

    I did actually get a second date too. Serious lack of judgement again. I think she picked the movie though. Guess she learned not to let me. So there's that. Can't remember her pick though.

    My movie was a great. Classy? No. Entertaining? Yes. It shows you can have a lot of fun on the river. It is how my group of guy friends growing up would be if we took a trip like that now.

    We can have our own river adventure with our own hijinks. Just a fun float with friends and food. Not like the scene where they have to recover the phone from, well you know, the thing a bear does in the woods. Or especially the part where they try to stay warm. Funny, but not applicable to this trip.

    This one is a little different than the kayak trips. It is a nice float down the river. On a Tube. We will use Webb Brothers Rafting and General Store as the outfitter. Tube rentals there.

    here's the link
    Webb Brothers rafting on the Hiawassee

    They do not reserve tubes. It is $20 bucks for a tube. Bring cash. I am not setting a limit on this one. If you can get a tube you're in. If you can't well you're not. Or you're a really good swimmer. The very nice lady on the phone said they had lots of tubes. Maybe get some of those arm floaties?

    After its food, because food. I can handle that part of a date, but this isn't a date. We're just friends. So you get a meat and three kind of place with a changing with the season kind of menu. There should be something on the menu for everyone and it is supposed to be really really good. It is The Farmhouse in Etowah.

    Here is their Facebook page. Looked at the pictures.
    The Farmhouse restaurant

    The food looks good and they even had a picture of leaping lambs. Why they didn't have goats I don't know. I like Lambs. I just can't eat a whole one by myself