What we're about

"I chose the road less travelled… Now I don’t know where I am."

"Never follow someone else's path unless you're in the woods and you're lost, and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that." - Ellen Degeneres

"Bring a compass. It's awkward when you have to eat your friends." - Unknown

So maybe we caught your interest?

Quick note then I’ll tell you what we’re about. We’ve never gotten lost or had to look at members as a food source. I’m kidding. This is the Chattanooga Outdoor Adventures not the Donner Party (some of you will get that).

We’re an Organization that enjoys the outdoors in all forms. Events like Hiking, Rafting (banjos not allowed 🚫) Kayaking, and everything else.

But wait there’s more! I sound like a Ginsu knife commercial. Let’s not let any of the Donners have one of those.

We also plan to go on other great activities in and around Chattanooga. Not just hiking. Musical events, food and wine festivals. A concert in a cave, you get the idea

It’s an open group and would love to get everyone involved and plan a lot of different things. Inclusion and fun are key.

Not just hiking, Adventures of all kinds

Upcoming events (4+)

Come Hike with Us -Cumberland Trail - Rock Creek Loop

Northend Ball Park

Come hike with the Scenic City Chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

The Tennessee Trails Association is a state-wide hiking organization with 12 Chapters. The Scenic City Chapter plans hikes each week in the Greater Chattanooga area.

ABOUT THIS HIKE on April 1, 2023

Cumberland Trail: Rock Creek Loop, with a spur or two, 6.5 miles, moderate, elevation gain 1100 feet.

This is a lollypop trail starting along Rock Creek, ascending to the Cumberland Plateau for two great views, and descending back to Rock Creek. Spring flowers are a distinct possibility.

Check the weather forecast and put on appropriate layers; wear hiking shoes or boots; bring snacks and/or lunch along with more water than you think you need; and gather up hiking poles, rain jacket, sunscreen, flashlight/headlamp, and insect repellent as needed.

*** If you register on Meetup for this hike, we ask that you text your name and phone number to me (Will Latham) at [masked] (include your name so I know who the text is from). This is in case the hike is cancelled or there are changes,


*** About 6.5 +/- miles.

To take this hike, you should have taken several hikes of similar difficulty and length over the last several months. To keep everyone safe we will ask you about your hiking experience.


We meet and then carpool to the trailhead.

For carpooling/caravanning, meet at the Durham Street parking lot (ball fields) off Dayton Pike in Soddy-Daisy a little before 8.30 am ET. https://bit.ly/3Qjdc0S

Carpool gas cost: $4.00


This is a "group hike" and all attendees are asked to be considerate of each other.

On every hike we have a Hike Leader and "Sweep" (a person at the back to make sure no one gets left behind).

There will be periodic resting points for all hikers to rest and equally important to allow anyone behind to catch up and rest as well.


It is always a good idea to bring the 10 essentials: https://americanhiking.org/resources/10essentials/

Please be sure to bring:

  • Water
  • Snacks and lunch,
  • Clothing appropriate to weather
  • Hiking shoes/boots
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent
  • First aid kit.
  • Rain gear
  • Always a good idea to bring headlamp
  • We suggest hiking poles


The Scenic City Chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association hikes are scheduled every Tuesday and Saturday.

Hikes on Tuesday are less strenuous and average 4-6 miles while the hikes on Saturday are more strenuous and average 8-10 miles.

All our hikes have designated Hike Leaders and we never leave anyone behind. If you are new to hiking, this is the place to be.

Hikes are posted on the Scenic City Chapter’s page on the TTA Website:



Meetup organizers/leaders are not guides. Expect the same risks and take the same precautions you would take if you were hiking alone. You are solely responsible for your own safety and well-being. By signing up for and/or attending this Meetup event, you acknowledge, understand, accept, and agree that hiking and other outdoor activities can be dangerous and can cause serious bodily injury and possible death. The organizers of this group and current and former members can not be held responsible or liable in any way for the actions of any participant- including you- at any event. All attendees participant at an event at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury to themselves or their guests. By signing up for this event, you affirm that you understand this disclaimer and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim arising out of or related to this meetup event against the organizers of this Meetup group.

**Covid-19 is still out there and spreading. So, PLEASE be respectful and follow all guidelines to stay safe and keep others safe and virus free. If you feel you have it and/or may be asymptomatic, please stay home and take care of yourself. if you are virus free, let's hike.

Sip TN Wine festival & Dinner After

First Horizon Pavilion

I am also making this a Huntsville Outdoor adventures. event. Should get a good crowd. Food and wine!

Tickets go on sale tonight. It sells out. See? I am looking out for you guys!

Ya Know Wine is supposed to be like this classy thing. I listen to these people describe them. So I took the liberty of reading some actual wine reviews notes. You think my write ups are twisted?

Try this
"this texturally silken, supremely elegant effort transparently and kaleidoscopically combines moss, wet stone, gentian, buddleia, coriander, pepper, piquant yet rich nut oils and a saline clam broth savor that milks the salivary glands."

Umm what to the salivary glands? Can a wine get reported to HR? That's an actual wine Connoisseur.

I did find some tongue in cheek ones in my search This one sounds more like a wine tasting in Tennessee.

"Straw yellow colour, reminds of bottles peed in when too lazy to leave the couch. Wafts of apples, pears and armpits on the subway, this one surely won’t disappoint. Break the seal tonight to help you forget you have to repeat the same day tomorrow or save it for next year after you’ve realized anyone can do your job. Good with pork or pancakes, this stunner is ripe for self-medicating any time of day."

Okay so I relate closer to the parody one. Not so classy I guess. Probably how my wine write ups would come out, but I still like wine. Probably not a good career choice for me to review them though. Mine may get a little cheeky.

So I did this last year, or was it two years ago. Must've been the wine. It is fun and I took home some delicious wines. You're free to test all the wines you'd like to. Buy your ticket in advance. It does sell out.

They're starting to sell tickets tonight so set your watch. I had this prewritten for the event.

Grab some dinner after. Easy Bistro is just up the road. Probably one of my favorite restaurants in the area, but that's where you'd take a date so no. I'm good. Let's do Chattanooga Brewing company instead.

No Silly not for a beer after a wine tasting event!

For the food!


it's an easy walk from the event and they have good food. I'll have a water.

Here's the event. Buy your ticket early

Here's the Chow at the brewery

Wildflowers and Waterfalls!

Collins West Access Trail

This event is cross posted with Huntsville Outdoor Adventures.

Join me on a beautiful but rugged hike at the new Savage Gulf State Park in Grundy County TN. This park was recently split off from South Cumberland State Park.

It's similar to Walls of Jericho in that it's an easy in, hard out hike. When I did this last month, the distance was about 9 miles.
We will hike in and see Suter Falls, get to cross a swinging bridge, hike down along the Collins River to Horsepound Falls where the river goes underground just below. We will continue on to Schwoon Spring to see a large creek shoot out of a tunnel on the side of a cliff and descend below into an underground cave!
Lots of fun.
The wildflowers! More than you can imagine. I took my son on this hike in April 2021 and he says the trail smelled like the garden center at Lowes.
I can't guarantee how much will be in bloom as far as a peak, but it should be good! Trilliums and trout lilies galore.
Join us, will you? I hope to see you there.
We will meet at the Collins West trailhead. Parking is somewhat limited so carpooling encouraged.
We can go eat at Hank’s Corner afterwards for anyone interested.

Hunting Easter Yeggs! I mean eggs. Great Adult Egg Hunt & Hoppy Hour

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park

Start time is in the Easter I mean Eastern Time Zone for Clarity.

Buy your Tickets Early! It's $7.00. Where else can you have this much fun for $7? Links Below

Did you know the very clever Bugs Bunny was tricked into delivering a Lazy Easter Bunny's eggs in an Episode called Easter Yeggs. Not to be confused with Yeezys a yegg is a burglar or safe cracker. Not controversial footwear. Tricking Bugs is a pretty respectable feat. Not sure if Elmer was involved.

I actually had an event a few years ago scheduled in Alabama, but the sponsors cancelled. They were hiding amongst other things mini bottles of wine and bourbon. Kind of get Loopy with the Bunny kind of thing. This one is more Artsy. I guess I'm more grown up and "artsy" now less drinky. Is that a word? A more "respectable" version of me. Why did I put that in quotes? I'm trying.

The Chattery is doing this.

Apparently no mini bottles, but cool other finds. Even some artsy stuff. This is my kind of day!

Here is the schedule

Hang, Hunt, Hop!
1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Hang at Sculpture Fields. They mean hang out. Talk to strangers. Only do that if they have free candy or puppies.

2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Adult Egg Hunt at Sculpture Fields. Eggs, Art, and Candy!

3 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Hoppy Hour at various local restaurants Do they mean beer or bunnies with the Hoppy? Either way its kind of a Pub crawl with your new found Easter Egg Hunting buddies.

So basically you get to hangout with the Cool People of Chattanooga Outdoor Adventures and me, see cool sculptures, then hunt Easter Eggs, then Hoppy Hour at restaurants! What could be better.

Go to the link and buy your ticket early. I have bought mine. You want to participate. Not watch me run like a screaming child getting all the cool eggs.

Here's the link

Potentially go to Southside Social after. It's basically Chuck E. Cheese for Grown Up. That's a maybe though.


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Trails, Ales, and Trivia-Suck Creek Road to Mushroom Rock

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