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Summertime is the time to grab our ski's and hit the lake!

With the weather warming up... its time to play.
Experienced skiers? never skied before? Some experience?   everybody's welcome!
If your a good skier, come out and show off your skills... if you have a wakeboarders boat... bring it!
This is ideal on any weekday, while the masses are at work... or evening skiing, just before sunset !

We only need 3 people to ski.
Boat experience extremely helpful. (and appreciated)

There is a variety of extra vest's and ski's on the boat.

If your a guy, bring some ladies. (For cryin' out loud!!)

...  come prepared! bring some snacks...

Lastly, if you have never ever skiied, and have the body and poise of a couch potato, let me know, I'll bring a secret weapon (training assistant).



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