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What we’re about

Unite and be proud of your differences. There are different types of introversion. Some Introverts are sociable but need time alone to recharge. You can be quiet, shy, or an introvert. Step out of your comfort zone. Our differences is what makes us unique. If you are quiet and/or shy like me this is the group for you. Often times groups break off into smaller groups and can lead some individuals feel like they are on the outside looking in. The goal of this group is to make everyone feel included. I want to create a fun and safe environment for all members! Events will take place in Chicago & Chicagoland Surburbs

***Please make sure you have a profile picture of yourself and a name on your profile. We need to know who we are meeting. Also, be courteous and take your RSVP's seriously. I understand that things happen but if you cannot attend an event please remove your RSVP.

If you want to make any suggestions for Meetups send me a message or post on the group page. Lastly, if you need any (disability) accommodations for meetups inbox me and I see what I can do.