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It's Halloween Eve Day! That counts for something, right! Come wearing at least one piece of your Halloween costume and Jill will give you a special treat! <•>Some kinds of scary are fun, like Halloween. However, now that it's flu season, I'd like to remind people that IF YOU ARE SICK, join us via FaceTime or Skype but NOT in person until you are unquestionably no longer contagious.REMEMBER: it's not about you! There are people who can't fight off infections very well (pregnant women, the elderly, anyone with a compromised immune system, etc). We are a publicly accessible group and your "no-big-deal flu" might be the thing that hurts or kills someone else. <•>

Much like the places we go, the Thursday afternoon knitters are a great group of regulars always welcoming new people (who often become regulars). We encourage crocheters, cross-stitchers, and other people who play with silent string to come, too. We will not teach you to knit, though we all help eachother with bits of technique. Thursday's tend to be as much about talking as they are about knitting. Our location rotates every week. Regular locations include Aje Cafe, Dolce Casa Cafe, Inspiration Kitchens, and George's Ice Cream & Sweets. We do field trips to new places as well, so be sure to check meetup to see where we are each Thursday. Please feel free to make suggestions for Field Trip days. We are always happy to try a new place! (Keep in mind we need enough space to accommodate a large group sitting for several hours.)

As always, we will be collecting the $1 meetup fee, and we ask as a courtesy to our venues that you order something -- even if it's just a coffee -- while we use their space.

Questions? Check the Chicago Knitters Unite FAQ page: CKU FAQs.