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What we’re about

We are people who like to ride! We ride within the city limits as well as across the country!

We encourage those who have the time to join up with two other amazing groups when not riding with us.
  - Lost Motorcycle Riders (Wisconsin)
  - North Shore Motorcycle (Northern Illinois)

We have a few rules/guidelines to follow:
1. First and foremost,RIDE SAFE! (Be prepared & use common sense to what you wear).
2. As a Member of Chicago Motorcycle Riders you agree to Hold Harmless, Chicago Motorcycle Riders, it's Leadership team and it's individual members during activities normal to riding a motorcycle either alone or in a group setting or at any group settings or functions. Each member agrees to be licensed to operate a motorcycle in a legal manner and understands it is each individual's rider to understand the rules of the road and how to operate a motorcycle safely. 
3. When your out with one member or a "pack", remember your representing our group.
4. We would like to see the group get along, any negative comments keep to yourself.
5. Please no excessive drinking, swearing, fighting, speeding, stunting, etc...
6. No member will take the attitude that they do not have to help other members and other members don't have to help in return.
7. The group will always stay together on rides, runs, etc. The only way a group member will be permitted to leave the main group will be to notify whomever is leading. When the time comes that the majority feels it is time to leave, we will all leave together. Anyone staying behind for a good reason will do so at his or her own risk. 
8. To ride with us, each group member is required to maintain a valid drivers license with motorcycle class endorsement or motorcycle learners permit to train with a valid rider.
9. We require to maintain membership with the Chicago Motorcycle Riders, that each member attend a minimum of at least two meetup events per year, whether it be a ride or a meet and greet. If you can not make a ride you RSVP'd to, please make someone in the leadership group aware as soon as possible. This way the other riders are not delayed in waiting for someone who is not going to attend. If you accrue more than one (1) "no show" in your Attendance Stats, and also make no attempt to contact or "post" reason for a no show after you RSVP to a meetup event, your membership will be deleted from "Chicago Motorcycle Riders". (Do not leave us waiting for you if you posted you would go)
10. Participate as much as you are comfortable with beyond the two event minimum. You joined to ride and meet others with the same interest and the more you participate the more you will get to know others and enjoy the experience. "All you get out of it, is what you put into it".

Our rules can also be found here: