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What we’re about

Chicago is a diverse, beautiful and vibrant city. And this group is about connecting people from different backgrounds, professions and experiences. Whether you are from Chicago or new to the city, let's make the most out of what the city has to offer. From its great architectural structures that are sweeping the skyline to the magnificent river and lake that are gracing the buildings and shores, Chicago is truly an urban and scenic locale. So, let's explore the restaurants, bars, and many other things around. It's a great way to meet people, to discover things, and to learn about each other and the community.  

We are going to have events ranging from popular places to hidden gems. If you want to meet new people, want to connect with businesses, or simply want to unwind, join our group. Let's get together and Let's Talk Chicago.

Additional Information: 

We created this group to bring people together who are truly sincere about exploring places in Chicago and meeting new people. We have a questionnaire for you to fill in so we would be able to know your interests, hobbies, and some other things that you may want to explore. Furthermore, we want to see what your passion and experience would bring to the group. We will remove anyone whose objective of joining is different from what this group is all about. 

We thank you for answering the questionnaire and for providing us information of the things that you may want to explore. We are grateful and happy to have you. And we are looking forward to meeting you soon.