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Enjoy meeting other science enthusiasts as we visit great science-related sites in Chicagoland. Members suggest, and we schedule, cool events.

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Science Sunday Online - Let's Talk About the Weather

Online event

Join us around the virtual "cracker barrel" for a friendly discussion about one of the most favored topics of human beings the world over. In an era when many topics are divisive and argument-prone, can we find something to talk about that isn't controversial? How about "the weather?" Warm fronts, cold fronts, cyclones, storms, deserts, jet streams, relativity humidity, high and low pressure, the doldrums, trade winds... What do these terms mean? What causes the weather and what does weather entail? Why is it so hard to predict? How does weather relate to climate? Why do different parts of the world have different climates? These are some of the questions we'll explore during this Science Sunday. Join us for a down-to-earth discussion of the atmosphere that won't be entirely full of hot air. This event will be live-streamed on the DuPage Unitarian Church YouTube, and will be simulcast on Zoom. You may pick which way you'd like to view the discussion, but you can only ask live questions via Zoom. The Youtube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRJMfX-dZ3LsZQ0zU-zI5A The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85775993913?pwd=OEFaeExSWFI2UHhxTzBVemxpVUZzQT09

Science of the Internet — How does it actually work??

Online event

ISC is hosting a fun & fascinating lunchtime talk on Sept. 22 on the Science of the Internet — How does it actually work?? How does the internet actually work? It’s become an integral part of our work and personal lives, but do we really understand how it works? This talk will cover history on how the internet started, how it was built, and how it spread around the world. We’ll learn how exactly we receive the internet in our homes (i.e. where it’s coming from), and the difference between wireless and wired internet. Finally, we’ll discover the infrastructure of the internet and the many different applications that have infiltrated our daily lives, including the growing list of streaming services many of us use today. Plan to join us for a Zoom presentation by George Kontos, CEO of Marshmallow Streaming for what will be an extremely interesting and informative look into the Internet! Tuesday, Sept. 22,[masked]:00noon – 1:00pm FREE There will be time for questions. Program will be livestreamed from ISC’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/illinoissciencecouncil Science of Internet will be presented by George Kontos, the CEO and Founder of Marshmallow Streaming. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, and earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University. Marshmallow Streaming builds streaming solutions for their customers so they can enjoy their favorite shows, news, sports and movies without the cable company. George started Marshmallow Streaming as a hobby to share his cord-cutting knowledge for saving money on cable, internet and streaming services. Equipped with a backpack, a laptop and ethernet cables he helped 10 residents save a combined $12,000 on their cable and internet bill. The results spoke to a major issue in how the industry operates so he decided to turn this hobby into a company to change how internet and entertainment services are delivered, for the better.

Argonne OutLoud: Cybersecurity and the Pandemic

Online event

***** YOU MUST REGISTER WITH ARGONNE FOR THIS EVENT ***** Link will be provided 24 hours before the event only to those registered in advance. https://anl.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=12b0bf5a3c2bf2e87f5cab8a4&id=aaa632f6a1&e=454e7fdc07 It has become increasingly evident during the global pandemic, that American citizens, industry, and operators of the nation’s infrastructure are more reliant than ever before on the Internet to maintain their lives and operations. At the same time, cybersecurity professionals have seen a 63% increase in cyber-attacks related to the pandemic (according to Information Systems Security Association and Enterprise Strategy Group). Argonne's Strategic Security Sciences division conducts research and provides insight into cyber resilience and cybersecurity that helps secure our nation’s information and systems. In collaboration with other scientific and academic research teams, our cybersecurity scientists are at work to: Explore the ramifications of our increasing Internet reliance and cyber interconnection across industries; Ascertain the big picture of the cyber threat landscape and rapidly limit/mitigate risks, especially to our critical infrastructure; and Determine how best to securely integrate, through public-private partnerships, emerging technologies into existing cyber infrastructure. Two of Argonne’s cybersecurity scientists will present their research on this important topic. Featured Speakers Scott Pinkerton, Program Lead, Cyber Threat Sharing Roland Varriale, Cybersecurity Analyst Special Guest Paul Kearns, Laboratory Director

Artists as translators: Expressing immense ideas on a human scale

Art Gallery Talk – 10/13 7:30 CDT, by Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher Artists-in-Residence 2020 Artists as translators: Expressing immense ideas on a human scale They will be discussing their work and the creative process of translating complex subjects such as infinity, scale and time. Register for this and other Fermi events at: https://tix5.centerstageticketing.com/sites/fermilab/events.php You can register for all listed events in one transaction.

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