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What we’re about

The Chicago Self-Publishing Group has explored the dynamic world of self-publishing and indie publishing since 2012. We're proud of the community we've built and the volumes of valuable information we've shared with our members over the years. We have suspended our in-person meetings at the present time, but if you have an interest in self-publishing, please join the group so you'll be notified when we resume programming. In the meantime, if you have questions about self-publishing or would like suggestions on reputable service providers (such as editors, designers, project managers, author website developers, and more), feel free to email me at or visit my website for resources, advice, and downloadable handouts.

All best,

Kim Bookless, Organizer

Group description

We welcome anyone interested in learning about self-publishing:

    self-published authors who want to learn more or share their experiences

    writers looking for information on how to self-publish

    professionals who are not writers but want to publish material related to their work

    book designers, graphic designers, and ebook formatters

    publishing industry professionals

    marketing and PR professionals

We'll explore all aspects of self-publishing, including writing, editing, design, ebooks, print on demand, book marketing, author platforms, writing tools and publishing technology, and much more. We will feature short presentations by self-published authors, book marketers, and others involved in the wonderful world of indie publishing.

Whatever your relationship to self-publishing, we invite you to join us to share your knowledge and learn from our speakers and group members.