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What we’re about

The purpose of Chicago Wilderness! Hiking, Nature and Social Group is to unite like minded people in order to cultivate friendships, experience and appreciate the natural wonders of northeast Illinois as well as getting some beneficial exercise.
This group is great for those that strive for harmony among other people, care about our environment and are accustomed to hiking at least five miles at a brisk pace.
The lengths of the hikes will range from as few as five miles to hikes that are over 12 miles long.
Most of the hiking will occur on trails in natural areas located on municipal, county, state and federal lands within the Chicago wilderness region with an emphasis on Cook, DuPage and Will Counties.
What can you expect from me?
You can expect me to conduct welcoming, inclusive events in which you will be treated with dignity and respect. I promote and foster a sense of community and an atmosphere of camaraderie and harmony. I strive to see the beauty and good in other people.
I view our wilderness areas as something to be explored, enjoyed, cherished, conserved and protected. I believe that we should do everything within reason to leave no trace of our presence during a hike. I hope to reaffirm your belief that these wilderness areas are special and need to be protected in a natural state forever.
I go to great lengths to make the events fun and interesting. I encourage a limited amount of photography (fun). I rarely hike the identical route twice (interesting). I pick routes to provide optimal nature viewing (fun and interesting).

I feel that I am reasonable when it comes to water and bathroom breaks (What a relief!).
I am not running a business. I will not try to sell you goods or services.
Well over 95% of the photography that I post is my own work using my own equipment and is taken in areas in which we hike. I give photo acknowledgement for the work of others.
I will do what it takes, within reason, to make your experience memorable!
What do I expect from you?
Your profile for this group should include your real first name and a recent picture of only one person in the picture, yourself.
Each attendee for each event must have their own profile, so please have your guest(s) create a profile.
Please take your physical limitations into account before registering for an event.
It helps if you provide for your clothing, hydration and other needs prior to an event.
This group is not intended for promoting any business ventures.
This group does not tolerate stalkers. If you have been contacted through this site by someone you have not met in person during one of our events, please contact Mr. Bob.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the organizer (Mr. Bob) directly.
It is very important to respect other people and respect the environment. It is not courteous to disrupt the progress of an event or the harmony among its participants. As far as the environment, leave no trace!
I will mention that it is courteous to honor your commitments. Please RSVP only to events that you plan to attend. Do not RSVP to concurrent events. Late cancellations or not showing up at all to an event in which you made a commitment reflects poorly upon you.