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Did you know there has been a war for bitcoin going on since the very beginning?
Bitcoin SV is the restored implementation of the bitcoin protocol that Satoshi Nakamoto created in 2008! It's a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash system for the world, with 100% of the original bitcoin scripts restored as a robust base for development of an infinite number of applications!
This meetup is hosted by Kurt Wuckert Jr. He is the Chief Bitcoin Historian from CoinGeek Media. As a bitcoiner since 2012, he is a passionate advocate of bitcoin's fundamentals, and the competitive, economic properties that make it valuable. With experience in mining, entrepreneurship, trading, research and development, and market analysis, Kurt has a wealth of information about bitcoin, and can help guide you into opportunities in the bitcoin space.
This meetup will host ongoing events to encompass everything in the Bitcoin SV economy - from merchant solutions to app development and discussion of mining, security and bitcoin fundamentals! Attendees include developers, miners, entrepreneurs and we almost always have a few newcomers!

We are a BEGINNER FRIENDLY group! You don't need to know anything to come learn about bitcoin, how to set up your first wallet or anything fancy. We are here to teach and make fruitful relationships.
Bring your friends and family - See you in Chicago!

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