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What we’re about

Under new management as of 6/25/19.

We are active and alive!


Update 10/2020:

Our M.O. going forward 2020+ is to create unique, awe-inspiring images that make viewers say, "WOW." That's it.

Who belongs here:

•Photographers-new, experienced, hobbyist, professional. Smartphone cameras welcome! Beginners are always welcome and you will have opportunities to shoot. Jump right in! Ask questions. Be a part of it.

•Models-new, experienced, hobbyist, professional. M/F, any look welcome, 18+ unless specifically noted or requested. Beauty is welcome, but not required. Size-agnostic unless otherwise mentioned.

• MUAs-new, experienced, hobbyist, professional. Although for our more important shoots, beginners will be paired with experts so we can get the desired look. You will learn here!

• Interested folks (beauty, art or fashion students; media professionals, actors, stunt pros, videographers, stylists, hair stylists, designers, dancers, musicians, artists) who want to explore photography or be part of a creative group, grow as a professional.


• To make this a full and rich experience, we are considering adding workshops on composition, lighting, photoshop, photography law, business and more so you are a complete pro AND you know what you're doing behind the camera.

• After class, I'd like to do a Demo Day, that way you get to practice your work. Learn + Practice = better shots. 

• Anyone is welcome to take our classes, provided you have the necessary pre-reqs. Requirements will be noted.

We are location + theme agnostic. 

Anything is on the table as long as it is artistic, legal (for the most part) and builds quality, memorable portfolios.

This message will be updated from time to time to reflect our growth. 

Look on the event page and RSVP to the next event so we can meet you!