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What we’re about

We are a trusted resource for the city of Chicago where you can learn about cryptocurrency, cryptoassets, and the blockchain technology that makes it possible. We hope to take you from hearing about bitcoin, ethereum, and crypto, to understanding the amazing possibilities that blockchain technology provides.

To get started on your blockchain knowledge journey, visit our website for a list of trusted blockchain organizations, chat rooms, and guided learning. The new to blockchain section has videos to start you on your path to decentralization.

Here are some events we host through our meetup.

• Beginner Events (First timer presentation and Q & A to get you started.)

• Developer hacking nights (Presentations explaining web 3 tools and stack decisions and small group hacking time.)

• Subject-focused workshops (Mining/Exchanges/Social Good/Projects in Chicago/etc)

• Community outreach (Talks & presentation around the city. Contact us to visit your organization by emailing

The first time you hear about bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the altcoins you become curious. You want to know whether this thing is real or fake. We know that blockchain will be as widely used as the internet. We encourage you to use your curiosity to fuel learning about how blockchain can change society for the better. 

We have found that what started as investing in cryptocurrencies, has turned into a much bigger phenomenon. The underlying technology behind bitcoin is a revolutionary set of rules coded to allow people across the planet to exchange value. It accomplishes this by having as many computers as possible watching its every transaction. They vote on whether or not each transaction is valid according to the rules of the system. 

The revolutionary part is that the system is open, borderless, unseizable, and uncensorable. There is no master switch accessible to an authority to turn off the system. You can choose to participate as long as you have an internet connection. The decentralization is the spread of power in the system. The governance of the system is not controlled by one party, but all the people who participate. These rules are encoded in a way that they can only be changed by an overwhelming majority of participants opting into the rule change. If a rule changes in a way that may be negative for a stakeholder, they can simply opt out by selling their coins. 

We are here to help you figure out what the real value is in a decentralized system of the future. Most of our events are free, and some we even provide food and drink. Occasionally we have to charge for an event to cover our costs. We also have low-cost small group workshops.