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What we’re about

Chicago Jewish Café is a project of the Center for Jewish Life Studies. Café is a place where intelligent, concerned individuals meet to discuss new ideas, issues, and the problems that energize and challenge our people.

Café is a non-denominational Jewish place of books, ideas, authors, publishers, booksellers, and readers. Here one can teach, learn, discuss, lecture, debate and argue in English, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, etc. regarding the foundational issues of Torah, Halakhah, Israel, Global Affairs, Philosophy, Art, Jewish history, Traditions, Literature, Money, i.e. anything of importance to our people.

Café’s host is Alexander Gendler. Alex is a former NPR “Morning Edition” commentator, syndicated columnist, and a contributing writer to the New York Times Op-Ed page. He is the publisher and owner of Varda Books and

Here is what you can do in the Jewish Café ...

• meet the authors and publishers of new and interesting books
• get help with guidance on how to publish and promote the book you have been working now for some time
• find a study-buddy or mentor to learn traditional Jewish texts
• join the round-table discussion that take place
• start a new group to explore issues of importance to Jewish people
• converse with Jews from around the world
• sit in on lectures about seminal events of Jewish history
• give a lecture
• find new, like-minded friends

you can also schedule a meetup of your own (providing it is Jewish relevant and Alex approves or you get at least three individuals going).

So, common down and join us!