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Meet other local Software Developers interested in the Scala programming language and tools built on Scala. Discuss the advantages of Scala, such as full support for Object-Oriented and Functional Programming, a succinct syntax, and other improvements over Java. Discuss the pros and cons of Scala compared to other languages.

Anyone attending our events is expected to abide by our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/chicagoscala/pages/Code_of_Conduct/).

You may also find Chicago Scala enthusiasts hanging out in the following places:
- our Gitter chat room (https://gitter.im/chicago-scala/Lobby).
- The #scala channel in the Chicago Tech Slack (http://www.chicagotechslack.com/).

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Trends Affecting System Architectures co-hosted with GOTO Chicago

CASE organizer and Lightbend VP of Fast Data Engineering Dean Wampler is presenting a GOTO Night meetup and CASE is co-sponsoring! The talk is Trends Affecting System Architectures: Mobile Engagement, Streaming Data, and Machine Learning. It will be hosted by DRW Trading. For full details on the talk see the GOTO nights meetup page for the event: https://www.meetup.com/goto-nights-chicago/events/259429841/ You can register at either meetup. If you're not familiar with GOTO Nights, they're a series of meetups organized by Trifork, the same company behind the GOTO Chicago conference (https://gotochgo.com/). The GOTO Nights team has graciously offered CASE members a discount on GOTO Chicago conference tickets. Use the promotion code usergroups@goto​ to save 10% on the two conference days.

shapeless by use case, presented by Dominick Lombardo and Ryan Thompson

shapeless is a powerful library for type-level programming in Scala. It offers a robust feature set and provides a strong foundation for many other open-source Scala libraries. But newcomers to shapeless may struggle to find its utility in their everyday work. In this talk, we will build up a use case for the shapeless library based on a practical, everyday task. Along the way we will explore some of the concepts in play including the type class pattern and several shapeless data structures. Join Uptakers Ryan Thompson and Dominick Lombardo to learn about shapeless and see how to "scrap your boilerplate"! Our hosts for the meetup will be Uptake: As a leading provider of industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT software, Uptake combines data analytics and machine learning with deep industry knowledge to create fast financial outcomes like increased reliability, productivity and safety. Headquartered in Chicago with locations in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., Toronto and Dubai, Uptake is used by global industrial customers of all sizes to leverage data, creating newfound efficiencies and competitive advantages. Note that building security requires full names matching a government ID before allowing attendees in the building. If your Meetup username is not your full name, please send me a message or email with your full name and I'll make sure it's on the attendee list. If you are bringing a guest, please message or email me with your guest's full name, so I can add them to the attendee list.

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Let's Explore Scala using Puzzles with Marc Saegesser

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