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The Internet Was Made for Cats: A Look at the Typelevel Cats project

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Dean W.


Cats ( is project to build an alternative to ScalaZ. It's part of the Typelevel ( suite of libraries.

This session has three goals:

• Introduce the basics of using Cats for Category Theory-inspired types like Monoid, Monad, Functor, and Applicative (and explain what the heck those are, as we go).

• Discuss the design techniques used to implement Cats.

• Discuss the Typelevel philosophy of good library design, which I think is broadly applicable (applicative?).

Thanks to Reward Networks for hosting us. They are in the Riverside Plaza, which is the Art Deco building west of the river, between the river and Ogilvie station. (A second story "habitrail" connects the two buildings.) Enter on Madison St.. Use the big silver and glass double doors and check in at the security desk.

2 N. Riverside Plaza, Suite 200 · Chicago, IL
16 spots left