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If you're looking to learn or practice speaking Japanese, you've come to the right place! (If you're a native Japanese speaker and would like to practice your English, we would also love to help!

(UPDATE With the current situation and our need to move online, the membership fee will be waived. You will have a free trial with us for 180 days.)

==========Membership Benefits==========

-- 全てのランゲージテーブルやエクスチェンジにアクセス
-- Access to all language tables/exchanges
Priceless speaking practice experience

(For paying members)
-- 1年間に行われる会員専用の10ドル文化クラスへ招待(3クラスまで)。
-- An invite to three member-only $10 culture classes throughout the year
Average value per class of $50

==========How to Become a Member==========

(UPDATE!!!! Again, because of these unprecedented times, membership fees are waived for the first 180 days)

1) Meetup.comのグループのページで「Pay Dues」が書いてある白いか赤いボタンを押して5ドルを支払ってください。1年間の会費です。
On our Meetup.com group page, click the white or red button that says "Pay Dues" and pay the $5. It will cover you for a year from when you pay.

現金で会費のお支払いをご希望でしたら、イベント時にでもイベントのオーガナイザーにお渡しいただければと思います。Japanese Culture CenterはPayPalから会費の請求書も送れます。
If you prefer to pay cash, please give the fee to an Event Organizer at one of the events or bring it by the Japanese Culture Center. The Japanese Culture Center can also send you a PayPal invoice.

2) お支払いいただいてから、Meetup.comでChicago Speaks Japanese! Teamに以下とともにメーセージを送ってください。
After paying, message the Chicago Speaks Japanese! Team on Meetup.com with

Your full name as it appears on your driver's license, passport, or school ID. (In order to be admitted to Member-Only events, you will be asked to show a valid photo ID as all benefits under this membership are nontransferable.)
Email address where you won't miss notifications about said events. This will be our method of contacting you.

Please feel free to contact CSJ! Team at chicagospeaksjapanese@gmail.com with questions.

==========Group Rules==========

By being a member of this group, you are agreeing to follow the group rules.

We foster a respectful, harassment-free community; please make sure to review our Group Code of Conduct.

We are always looking to improve the group and make this beneficial for everyone so please send your ideas/comments/suggestions to us!

- Chicago Speaks Japanese! Team

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