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Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Meditation workshop with Master Wang, Rengang

St. James Episcopal Church


Today we are living in a very fast paced world. We never seem to find time to just slow down and quiet our minds. We need to make time to just contemplate life and feel the world around us. We need to invest in our health and well-being. Exercising our body and our minds is key in keeping our dignity as well as our confidence. Master Rengang Wang will be presenting the ancient Chinese exercise known as Hunyuan meditation to us in this weekly Wednesday workshop starting April 11th from 730-9pm . This ancient form of exercise is not only meant to decrease stress, but helps to put the brakes on ageing, it may also reverse the process. Hunyuan meditation will help align our body’s, mind, and soul. It is also helpful in healing tendons, bones and skin. It is the best exercise to renew Body, Mind, and Sprit as one. This form of meditation is meant to help us connect with heaven and earth. Tai Chi forms will be implemented through this workshop. Simple supper will be provided before and after every workshop. First timers can attend for free, package of 10 times is required for further attendance. Master Wang is a grandmaster of martial Art, founder of Dacheng Dao, chairman of Tai Chi Quan Association of New York. 5th inherit of Tanglang Quan, Second inherit of DaCheng Quan, inherit of Chen Style Bagua Zhang. He has taught thousands of students all over the world. This class is held twice per week at the same location and same time. Any question, call Helen at[masked]. Thank you!

Annual Tai Chi & Qi Gong event and weekend retreat at Lenox MA

The Berkshires are once again a major headquarters for World Qigong Taichi Day, Saturday, April 27th, as dozens of internationally recognized teachers of Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy—including many native China Masters— return to Eastover to offer FREE demonstrations and workshops for both beginners and advanced students. Organized by Worldtaichiday.org “for people to come together, to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world,” this annual event is celebrated on the last Saturday of April in hundreds of cities in 80 nations. Bring your friends & family and dive into the wisdom of ancient Eastern healing traditions, gaining practical experience, and learning modern applications. The exquisite 600 wooded acres of Eastover, nestled against a mountain side, is an ideal setting for Qigong and Taichi which are both derived from an intimate relationship with the natural world, animate and inanimate, as reflected in the very names of some of the forms to be shared on Saturday, such as “Animal Frolics” and “Waterfall Qigong”. Teachers include: • Sifu Lee Moy Shan aka Grandmaster (GM) Douglas Lee, the first student taught by Grandmaster Moy Yat in the United States. • Teresa Yeung, a Generational Master of Qigong, the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage, and founder of the Pureland International Qi Gong. • Zhantao Lin, chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association of Boston and Erhu professor at the Guangxi Arts Institution. • Sifu Terrence Dunn, a master instructor of Chinese martial, yogic, and healing arts with more than 42 years of training, who has popularized Tai Chi Chuan and authentic Qigong practices throughout America and Europe through his highly acclaimed Tai Chi for Health and Chi Kung For Health DVD series. • Loch Kelly, author of The Way of Effortless Mindfulness and founder of the non-profit Open-Hearted Awareness Institute. • Jianye Jiang, Taichi grand master and tournament judge in the US and China. Master Jiang has produced over 300 instructional videos in Chinese martial arts and qigong. • Master Yun Ping Hu, who trained with Hongqin Yu and the Taiji Prince Sitan Chen, and has won more than 10 gold medals in Tai Chi Quan competitions in the US. • Yan Zheng, a master healer residing in LA. who combines hypnosis, Chinese Kung Fu, antediluvian energy approach and mind-body connection reading. • Jay Emmanuel, author of The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations, the Power of the Mind and the Voice, who masterfully blends voice, colors, lights and sounds, and the use of Seven Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls and Himalayan Bowls calibrated to specific frequencies in the human body to achieve maximum sound healing. There will also be a performance of Taichi 13 Knives, by The Boston Taichi Quang Association . Those choosing to stay over for the full weekend can take advantage of additional free offerings on Friday evening and Sunday morning. The Sunday morning sessions feature Tibetan Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Jay Emmanuel, and Chinese acupressure and hypnosis with Zheng Yan Zhuang. Reflecting the Yin/Yang complementary contrast at the heart of Taichi, Friday evening will offer 2 talks that reflect Yin and Yang approaches to world problems. Marvin Surkin, PhD (author of The New Urban World and the Lessons of Detroit) will explore how to create a people-friendly environment in the age of rapid climate change, extreme inequalities, burgeoning populations and human longevity. Jonathan Bricklin (author of The Illusion of Will, Self, and Time: William James’s Reluctant Guide to Enlightenment) will challenge the widely-held premise that we are anxious subjects treading a linear path in an indifferent object universe.

Art Healing Workshop at Chinatown Manhattan

Needs a location


Everyone can create original works of Art and experience the healing of Self Expression by awakening the creative energy hidden in the Heart. On a lovely flower filled terrace in Chelsea while enjoying afternoon tea, the eminent Teacher and Critic Pingjie Zhang will guide us through the process of discovery that leads us to freedom, and to overcoming the fears that prevent us from expressing our unique creative potential. The sense of Physical, Psychological and Spiritual well being in the blossoming energy in creative activity is a joyful gift we give ourselves to nourish our own souls and of those around us. Regular price is $50, First time is half price, 10 times package is $400

Club Mandarin Weekly Training & Networking Event

Wall Street Chinese


This workshop is designed for professionals who wants to learn Chinese for business purpose. Every Tuesday 7-9pm, we choose two Chinese business or cultural articles, we read it together, study the new vocabularies, idioms, slangs, strucutres under the trainer's guidance and discuss or debate about the content. The last half hour we watch a real time video on line and also practice mandarin speaking. Business Chinese language and communication training is Wall Street Chinese’s (wallstreetchinese.net) specialty. We help our students apply their Chinese skills in real business situations and coach them to be excellent business communicators. RSVP trial tuition is $25/person, $40 by door. Please email to [masked] in advance so you get the links of the learning material of the week. Thanks.

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