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Meet and mingle with fellow Mandarin Speakers! Come to a Mandarin Language Meetup to practice speaking, build vocab and share experiences. All ages and levels welcome but you should have at least the ability to introduce yourself and be familiar with the 4 tones and basic sounds of Mandarin Chinese. At least 3 months of study in-class, on-line or with CDs or tapes (free from the library) is suggested prior to your first meetup. Please bring a dictionary and a notepad unless you are an advanced or native speaker. Thanks.

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[Peer-Assistance Circle] Networking & Orientation for Chinese Newcomers

Language, Job hunting, Information (休閒, living, immigration, legal, education, community resources...), experience sharing (do & don't...), Settling in general, 交通協助 (carpools/rides, license tests), 朋友圈, Tutoring/Mentoring, Health/Emergency...

A newcomer can use your help for a long list of things. Many of us were also once a "newcomer" to an unfamiliar country, city, or even a totally different culture, and we know how that feels.

It's not that easy to get people to volunteer, but I am sure there are quite a few willing to help from this group. Let's try our best and make this happen!

Your contributions in any way will be valued and appreciated!


PS: You do NOT need to be a Chinese to contribute to this initiative. "Native English speakers" are always among the highest demand for "community partnership" of Chinese newcomers. You may help a newcomer learn English, and at the same time you get to improve your Chinese, learn a new culture, and expand/diversify your social circle...


Collaborating groups:

The Toronto Chinese Meetup Group (https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Chinese-Exchange/)



Before the planned orientation to be held, I would like to invite group members to contribute their ideas regarding this effort, and possibly form a team to deliver it.

Welcome to post your comments here (or e-mail me directly if you prefer). Welcome to spread this news to your friends or classmates to make them aware of this initiative.

Your contributions in any way will be valued and appreciated!


Every year there are lots of new graduate students from China arriving in Toronto. There are also many other fellow Chinese moving to Toronto for various other reasons, such as studying as a freshman, working, marriage, or moving with parents--some from other cities and some from overseas.

Even though there are various government-sponsored organizations/associations as well as university clubs that can also assist them, as the largest Chinese meetup group in Toronto, I believe that there are lots of things we can contribute as well. I believe we have many members who are willing to assist or help these new comers in various manners, and provide values to them and the community as a whole.

It would also be nice if we can reach out to more students and ally with some associated organizations and university societies/clubs. In return, we will get more friends, more resources and influence, and more native Chinese speakers to help with the learning process of our group members, to name a few.

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