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What we’re about

Language learning is a life long endeavour.
Never give up. Never stop moving.


We are a Mandarin Chinese conversation practice group, for all levels. The group is open and self-led. When we run out of vocabulary, we chat about China in English :) Welcome native speakers who would like to meet conversation partners, or lead activities.

Attending our meetups
We organize meetups to help people practice Mandarin Chinese and English language. A crucial part of the language learning process is interacting with other people. Books and computers and apps cannot take the place of real, live human interaction.
Please come prepared to practice and receive feedback on your target language: either Mandarin or English. Native speakers of each will be in attendance to help us learn. Each attendee is invited to bring an icebreaker question to help spark conversation.

If you sign up for an event, please show up. If you have a schedule change and can't make it, please change your RSVP to "Not going". All no-shows at Mandarin Conversation Practice and Discussion Group events since April 20th, 2022 have been marked as such, so the attendee lists all reflect actual attendance.

Member Profiles
Returning members please log in to your member profile on a computer by going to our Group page. Look for the "You're a member" drop down menu next to the main toolbar with "About, Events, Members..." Please update your information and tell us where you are currently based, which time periods on which days of the week you are likely to be able to attend events, and what kind of meetups you would like us to organize.

Many of our members live in Massachusetts. Some live in other parts of the US. Some are in the Boston area for brief time periods. In the age of Online Meetups, you do not need to be physically in Boston to take part in our events. Once you have joined our meetup group and taken part in our events, you're always welcome to pop in and catch up with your friends, be it online, or at in-person meetups. Please remember to visit the group meetup page occasionally and update your profile details. Members will not be deleted just because they are not residing in MA.

Joining the meetup group
To be a member of this group you need to have a profile photo recognizable as you. This helps people recognize each other at meetups. This is required as of May 2022. Please have a look at recent event descriptions. Join if you feel that these are the types of events you would like to take part in.



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Banner photo:
4th Mondays @ 6:30p: Mandarin Meetup- chat & then dinner - Hosted By Chih-wei - Monday, September 22, 2014
- from BMCL photo album

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