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Mandarin Chinese conversation practice group, for all levels. The group is open and self-led. When we run out of vocabulary, we chat about China in English :) Welcome native speakers who would like to meet conversation partners, or lead activities.


Here are some guidelines to keep the group functioning smoothly, information on the site easy to find, and keep emails to a minimum. Thanks in advance for reading these and complying!


Members are welcome to suggest events and encouraged to host. Approval is at discretion of the lead Organizer. Events that consist of Mandarin conversation opportunities or are primarily in Mandarin are on-topic and will likely be approved. Events that relate to Chinese or Asian American culture may be permitted on a case by case basis. A Meetup is an event where group members meet each other to do something. Events hosted by outside agencies or other groups are NOT Meetups, unless there is a specific meeting time and location set for members to go together. If you'd like to share a Meetup from another group, please check first with the host and if they agree, you can post on our Discussion section for our members. Duplicate events from other Meetup groups will only be allowed at discretion of lead Organizer, and should only be rsvp'd to once by any member. Any cost must be clearly noted in the beginning of the description. Any event that is NOT primarily Mandarin language practice must be marked "OT" (off-topic) in the title line.


If you'd like to share resources for language learning or other community notices or events, please post in the Discussion section. Anything OT for our group but related, may be a useful post. If it is too far OT it will be deleted. Commercial and business posts are not welcome here, sorry. Do not advertise your tutoring services. You are welcome to state in your member profile if you tutor or teach but no business information nor soliciting members, please. Free events at language schools, or open houses may be permitted. If a member wishes to post a review of a Mandarin language learning program or resource they have used, please do so in Discussion section.


Many of our members are in the US, or in MA, for brief time periods. Please delete your membership if you have left the group or the area- it helps keep the list up to date. Members inactive over six months are subject to deletion anytime. If you wish to stay in the group please remember to visit the page and reply occasionally in order to keep your profile active.

Language exchange partners:

Please do not post for conversation partners with any personal contact info on the site! You are welcome to post for members in your area, and to attend a Meetup to meet in person. Many language exchange partnerships have begun at Meetup events. Be sure to meet the person first before deciding to exchange any personal contact info and use your common sense, for example meeting at public places.


Pictures of our members at Meetups are welcome, no more than 10 from each event please. Photos will be deleted at Organizer's discretion if inappropriate, irrelevant to the group's mission, or otherwise judged unsuitable to this group by the Organizer. A picture of the Meetup location or food, for future event planning, might be approved by the Organizer for posting. Or a snap or two of a cultural performance. Or they might not. Thanks in advance for keeping it relevant.

Wishing you the best in your studies, see you soon!


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Learn a few songs in Mandarin
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

How about a session specifically to learn a couple songs in Mandarin so that we can do karaoke (here or abroad)

We can go over lyrics and music for a couple of standards that aren't hard to sing.

Sheets of the lyrics in characters and pinyin will be provided and we can read through for comprehension and practice. If we get a few songs, we can go out for karaoke with enthusiasm!

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