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Love Chocolate? Welcome to Our Chocolate Loving Community! Join us as we explore Fabulous Chocolate in the City. Whether you're a novice or hardcore, you'll find we have fun enjoying, and exploring new Chocolate things.

Our group began just to show a few people some Exquisite Chocolate, local to our city. Truly, we covered a lot of ground over the years, and we plan to revisit certain spots. In 2019 we are now expanding the group, we are not seeking to add more new members, but encouraging our long term members to get more involved. New members always will be welcome to join! Shortly you may see more long term members become Event Host as we expand the opportunity to have more good times.

Courtesy Policy: We expect all members treat each other with a basic level of kindness. Life happens, we understand people will have a change in plans. Rude behavior, or someone that does not respond, does not update, and does not show up, will be noted. Over time, our members often recieve special perks.

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Chocolate Tasting at Soma

SOMA Chocolatemaker


Greetings Chocolate Lovers, Can you believe its taken us this long to head back to Soma, our VERY first Chocolate Fab and Gab (aka ChocoSept) location! Kinda thrilled about going back. Yes, we have been to Soma, the Distillery location, many times causally at Christmas, but never formally. Recently I was told about these formal tastings at Soma, and ofcourse, I knew immediately, oh I am going! Reading the description, they suggests its an ideal outting for Chocolate Loving Friends and Family, so ofcourse that meant I had to invite all of you.☺ Interested? Shortly I will make a small update. For now there is the info below, take note, we do not have a block of spots, tickets are first come first serve, when they are gone, they are gone. Tickets are $28.25 when you check out after tax. Please feel welcome to send me a message to let me know they have Sold Out if you try buying a ticket and they are nolonger available, so I can update the group. https://www.somachocolate.com/collections/tastings/products/chocolate-makers-tasting-king-street-edition

Grenada Chocolate Festival and More!

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort


We are Going to Grenada!!! This will be Epic. 😄 Many strings have been pulled and now we have just put together a bit of a scheduled agenda for the Festival. One thing a few people said, was that a bit of freedom would be nice. Relaxing on the Beach is also important. For the first 5 days we are going to be in the Festival Hub, oh the Chocolate, and then we are going to step away for the last 3 nights. Yes, there is more to Grenada then just Chocolate, so there are more things we are going to explore. We are staying in Two Luxury Villa Locations. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is the main host of the Festival, & Le Phare Bleu Villa Resort is a tucked away resort where there is a mix of tourists and locals. Info Session is Now Booked for March 8th 2019 for additional details. Kindly note, your must contact me in order to book your flight, plus accommodations, with our Group Rate. https://www.truebluebay.com/grenada-hotel-accomodations/ http://www.lepharebleu.com Should be Fabulous - Promo Info: https://youtu.be/C4_yBm96yac

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Grenada & Chocolate Trip Info Session

Dineen Outpost

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