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Love Chocolate? Welcome to Our Chocolate Loving Community! Join us as we explore Fabulous Chocolate in the City. Whether you're a novice or hardcore, you'll find we have fun enjoying, and exploring new Chocolate things.

Our group began just to show a few people some Exquisite Chocolate, local to our city. Truly, we covered a lot of ground over the years, and we plan to revisit certain spots. In 2019 we are now expanding the group, we are not seeking to add more new members, but encouraging our long term members to get more involved. New members always will be welcome to join! Shortly you may see more long term members become Event Host as we expand the opportunity to have more good times.

Courtesy Policy: We expect all members treat each other with a basic level of kindness. Life happens, we understand people will have a change in plans. Rude behavior, or someone that does not respond, does not update, and does not show up, will be noted. Over time, our members often recieve special perks.

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DeMeersman Belgian Chocolate

DeMeersman Belgian Chocolate


Greetings Chocolate Lovers! Hope you are having a Fabulous Day. This will be updated. Right now I am still adjusting, but this is not sad news. Last year I did not go into details, yet I knew Guido from DeMeersman's Chocolates was considering returning home to Belgium to be with family. Would you like to say Goodbye? For years we have gone to visit his store to explore Belgian Chocolates, helping people up their Valentine's Day Chocolate game. Our visits were always in Febrrruary, but end of January the shop will transition over to new management. My heart is happy for the man, but sad that he is going. Understanding my sadness, the new operations team is going to see if we can meet with Guido to say Goodbye in store before he leaves for Belgium in the next two weeks. Kindly, we have a Semi Private store opening so we can explore some Chocolates and send our best wishes. ***Update will be the same info, written at my less emotional time.☺

Winter Chocolate Show

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse


Bonjour Chocolate Lovers! Hope this makes up for last year.😊 Many people still remind me that I provided such a short notice last year to everyone about the Winter Chocolate Show. Completely my fault, but, with no desire to rub salt in any unhealed wounds, oh we had a great time. Generally in this group we have visited more Chocolate Boutiques that make Truffles and BonBons; we have typically spent less time in the Bean to Bar World. Last year was the first year that a collaborative showcase came together in Canada to highlight our many highly talented Chocolate makers that have been impressing the market globally. Truly, we here in Canada have been kicking butt Internationally for our Fabulous Bean to Bar makers, and if you are interested to explore more of what Chocolate has to offer, this event is for you. The Winter Chocolate Show this year, promises to bring in some new upcoming talent, and is bringing serveral more known, established, makers back that produce rather exquisite bars. Passionate about Chocolate? Find the space in your Calendar, this is a fun day where you can take in a seminar or two and just delight in World of Artisan Chocolate. For Info & $10.00 Advance Tickets: https://www.thewinterchocolateshow.com

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Tea and Popping Champagne Truffles

Teuscher at William Ashley


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