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Love Chocolate? Welcome to Our Chocolate Loving Community! Join us as we explore Fabulous Chocolate in the City. Whether you're a novice or hardcore, you'll find we have fun enjoying, and exploring new Chocolate things.

Our group began just to show a few people some Exquisite Chocolate, local to our city. Truly, we covered a lot of ground over the years, and we plan to revisit certain spots. In 2019 we are now expanding the group, we are not seeking to add more new members, but encouraging our long term members to get more involved. New members always will be welcome to join! Shortly you may see more long term members become Event Host as we expand the opportunity to have more good times.

Courtesy Policy: We expect all members treat each other with a basic level of kindness. Life happens, we understand people will have a change in plans. Rude behavior, or someone that does not respond, does not update, and does not show up, will be noted. Over time, our members often recieve special perks.

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Mary's Brigaderios

Mary's Brigadeiro


Needing an excuse to place Chocolate at the center of your week? Yes, despite scaling back on ChocoSepts, I did not forget. Earlier I promised we could visit Mary's Brigaderios, a long time favorite of the group, that we only were catching at Pop Ups, and Markets. Last July when Mary announced that she would be opening her very own location, ofcourse I said, we are coming! What is a ChocoSept? For any newer members, they are opportunities to explore something different in the world of exquisite Chocolate in our city. Mostly its a $7 Tasting Style Gathering where you can meet fun Chocolate Loving People, and have New Chocolate Experiences. Mary's Brigaderios does many lovely Brazilian Style Chocolate Truffles. Often I spent time speaking about Swiss, Belgian, German, French, and other styles of truffles. Brazilian was always tough for me, because I could not send you to any locations in the City that I new were doing it right. Deep in the Danforth, near Woodbine, you now have that option! Join us as we delight in having 3 Brigaderios and discover why their cookies are yum.

Chotto Matte Rebook

Chotto Matte

Confirming the date this week. Right now August 8th seems to work, hooray! Note: We are not proposing new dates, we're moving forward, by July 15th I will complete the booking. Special Booking. Kindly note, this our rebook. Currently RSVP'ing is closed.

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Toronto Architecture & World Chocolate

ROM - Weston Entrance


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