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Thanks for looking at our meetup group. Read on and see if we are for you.

We are based in Chorley but cover surrounding areas within easy commute.

We are a friendly group and offer a wide range of social activities, including dining out, meeting for a drink, cake and coffee catchups, live music with tribute bands, dancing evenings, days out, quizzes, walks, and most importantly a good time. New ideas welcome as we are adding to the list all the time.

Membership :

Is the group for you?

1. Not in a serious relationship, i.e. single.

2. Found yourself on your own too many times and feeling lonely and isolated?

3. Spent years as a couple and now on your own – life doesn’t have to stop!

4. Always been quite a socially anxious person lacking confidence?

5. Spending too many hours watching the same TV programs or looking at four walls?

6. Social life poor or non-existent?

7. Want to meet new friends sharing similar interests?

8. Always being told you need to get out or need some friends or a social life?

9. Not sure how to go about finding what you are seeking?

Answer ‘yes’ to all or any of the above then you should


Many of us are in this situation due to circumstances beyond our control - but we do not have to continue living our lives on our own without fun and friends. It is down to each of us to make changes - take that first step by joining our group.

We are a bunch of friendly approachable people always looking to welcoming new people. Come along and begin to build great friendships.


Our group welcomes mature guys and ladies (age 45 years upwards) to join in various social activities in a friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and safe.

Feeling nervous coming on your own then send me a message and I will arrange for you to be accompanied.

Watch out for our regular 'Newbies' events where numbers are limited and aimed specifically at new members. These short meetings will introduce you to the group and is a chance to meet other new members and connect so you can support each other at your next meetup.

Some events specifically have a plus 1 option so you can RSVP with a friend you may want to bring along for support.

Our events run both in the evening’s midweek and at the weekends, they are varied and we try to accommodate most interests and wallets. We don't do expensive so most are within everyone's social budget - affordable, often taking advantage of deals/discounts or are often free.


Attend up to 2 events before the annual subscription of £12 is due. (Equates to only £1 a month). This gives you a rolling year to attend a variety of social events organised for you. All you have to do is RSVP and turn up. The annual subscription is due on each aniversary of your joining date.

Special Offer - 2 for 1 – During the Covid 19 Epidemic if you join with a friend at the same time then your first annual subscription will be discounted to only £6 each. This seems only fair when many activities have been stopped/curtailed due to the forever changing National and local guide lines/ rules making it increasingly difficult to manage our events safely.

Members must conduct themselves in a proper and appropriate fashion, with due regard for the feelings and sensibilities of others. As the name indicates, The Groups function is to create friends, not acrimony and ill-feeling. If a member has a problem, there is a complaints procedure (see below), and it should be taken up with the Member Co-Ordinator.


We do have some basic rules/guidelines in the interest of all members and request these are respected -

• Respect -to other members and courteous - remember these may be your future friends. Members are solely responsible for their own behaviour and must conduct themselves appropriately. We do not tolerate bad behaviour especially when under the influence of alcohol, unacceptable behaviour will result in removal from the group.

• We are not a dating group however if natural friendships/companionships do form then please conduct yourselves with respect to other group members. One word of warning - We do not encourage members who persistently target other members with unwanted attention. In these cases membership may be terminated.

• Members on the receiving end of persistent unwelcome attention/messaging should in the first instance make it clear that they are not a willing recipient? Members who are then continued to be affected by this are encouraged to report it to the organiser.

• Consideration - when you RSVP to a meetup event - if you need to cancel even late in the day please remove your name from the list. Always message the event host if your attendance is cancelled with short notice. This is only fair to those attendees and the host who would otherwise be 'hanging around' and waiting for you. One day you may be waiting around for a no show! It also frees up limited places on events for other members who may be on the waiting list.

• No Shows - If you fail to attend a meetup without letting the host know, you will recieve a warning. After your 2nd no show you will automatically lose your membership.. We do appreciate there are unforeseen circumstances which would prevent members from fulfilling their attendance so we will be lenient for the first and second instance.

formally know as Only Social 45+ - Chorley & local area for independent solos

It's really simple to join - just click the request to join button and follow these steps

Acceptance criteria when registering to become a member

1. When you join you need to choose a profile name. Please use your first name along with either your surname or at least the first letter of it. For example - John S Debbie F Joe Bloggs - This is to help with recognition - JOHN JANE SUE JIM simply will not be accepted as this may cause confusion with another member.

2. We ask that you provide a clear photo of yourself which is a head and shoulders only - NOBODY else to be in the picture. The reason for submitting a photo is so we can identify you when you arrive and for the safety of all other members. We are a private group so only other members can view your profile, you have control over what you put on this.


3. Stating your occupation even if retired please say what it was. Please be specific.

4. Agreeing that you are happy to travel to and from events which are mainly in Chorley and surrounding areas.

Acceptance of membership is the decision of the group organiser.

If you have any questions please message me and I promise to reply.

Providing an email address and contact phone number is optional but it does help with contacting members – please message me privately - I respect confidentiality by not passing on these details.

Looking forward to welcoming you.


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