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What we’re about

Welcome to Christa Healing & Wellness Center!

UPDATED: June 7, 2024 - New Information regarding the RSVP and Payment Process
Please read this entire description, it will answer so many questions and help you receive the most benefit from what Christa Healing and Wellness Center has to offer you.

How to Find Us
We are located in Historic Downtown Manassas, VA at 9117 Church Street, Manassas, VA 20110.

We have both in-person and events on Zoom. Some of our events are local Metaphysical Markets where we attend as vendors. Meetup will be the main source for our calendar. It will be linked to our website in order to make scheduling smoother.


The Center phone number is: 703.495.3052
The Center Email:

To reach Deb directly please email:

Who We are and What We are About
Why the name Christa Healing and Wellness Center? First Christa means Anointed One. We are all anointed and are here for a life purpose that was chosen by our soul before we were born.

Healing and Wellness. Even Anointed Ones, Healers, Seekers, and Masters need Healing and Wellness. Thus the Center was born. This is your Center, this is your Healing and Wellness Sacred Space. All are Welcome no matter, race, creed, religious or spiritual path, sex, gender, or orientation. We are a safe space. A place where all Anointed Ones are Welcome to Give and Receive.

We Believe that Divine Love flows through each of us, Blesses and Multiplies all that we are, all that we have, all that we give, and all that we receive. It Blesses and Multiplies Healing Vibrations of Peace and Harmony to the World.

Deb Mueller is your organizer, proprietor, and practitioner for Christa Healing and Wellness Center. She has multiple certifications in energetic healing, intuitive art, psychic life path readings, intuitive guidance, sound healing and much more.

Christa is run as a non-profit (all profits after expenses are used to support services for those in need) socially conscious group of like-minded individuals that are dedicated to doing the right thing. It is our belief as light workers we are here to uplift and bring people together. Unity and compassion are our greatest assets and our mission is to provide healing services, spiritual and personal advancement education, assistance with community resources for those who seek it, with special attention to those disadvantaged socially and economically.

We are trying to keep our costs down, so donations are appreciated and will be used to keep many of our services and events free, at low cost, and our doors open.

Christa Healing and Wellness Center follows the Green Bottle methodology. The various levels and any associated fess will be noted in the event description and is based on supplies and other factors. The Center will continue to have low cost and FREE events, but Love Donations are always welcome to help keep costs down and our doors open.

The Green Bottle Levels
Christa Healing and Wellness employs Four Levels of the methodology. They are listed and described below.
Green Bottle Plus: This is the full fee plus an approximate 20% donation. This allows the Center to put money away to sponsor anointed ones at the middle and lower tiers or provide a scholarship of full payment when available. If you are financial secure and have more than enough funds for the 'wants' in life, this level allows you to participate in our giving back program. Your donation will be returned to you ten-fold.
Green Bottle Full: This is the full cost, it indicates that you would not traditionally qualify for sliding scale serves. You have the ability to pay for the 'wants' in life and still ensure your necessities are in place.
Green Bottle Half: This acknowledges that paying full cost would prevent a guest from being able to participate or receive a needed service. There are debt issues and concerns about the necessities in life, or in this moment you are in a tough situation, but you have saved or have the ability to pay some amount. There are limited opportunities and when available the number of available spaces will be listed. If you would like to partake of this level there there will details in the event listing. Please be mindful when requesting a space so that this is not limiting opportunities for others.
Green Bottle Low: This acknowledges that some guests' economic circumstances prevent them from engaging in spiritual services. If you struggle to maintain access to the necessities of life you deserve a community that honors your price as equal to an economic offering that is comparable to the upper tiers. There are limited opportunities and when available the number of available spaces will be listed. If you would like to partake of this level there there will details in the event listing. Please be mindful when requesting a space so that this is not limiting opportunities for others.
Scholarships: When available they will be listed and there will be requirements for approval. These will be noted in the event details and we will work with you to ensure that we are not limiting opportunities for others.

We are trying to moving away from using PayPal, we are not excited about this, but we do not like fees being passed on to our guests. PayPal and Square will be available to use for payment through the websites Client Portal. Please be mindful many of the additional fees are added by the credit card companies, and we have not control over this. If you would like to use one of the other payment methods please follow the payment directions and you will be added to RSVP list once payment is received.

When an event or service requires a fee you will be provided all available forms of payment. We use PayPal (we have removed all fees except those from partner credit card companies that require it), Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle. Your space is not confirmed until payment has been made and updated in Meetup.

We are now using links to our new Client Portal. This allows for cross posting via Meetup and Social Medial.

For all paid events you will need to follow the provided registration link. Once you have registered and payment is noted you will receive a confirmation email that your space has been confirmed, it will include date, time, and location of the event (if other than the Center) and your payment receipt.

If you wish to pay using Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle you need to follow the email process that will be listed in each event. Once your payment is received you will be added to the event manually and a confirmation email will be received.

Events that are 'FREE' or request a love donation will also include a link to our new portal for ease of use, cross posting, and guest management.

Your kind and generous donation for these events keep our door open and costs low. You may donate using Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or cash the day of the event, we have a donation box that can be found on our altar.

Important Information and FAQs
Seating Limitations
We have decided to keep all of our events small to provide you with an intimate atmosphere allowing for our undivided attention, to increase learning, and ensure that all who attend have received all they need for their highest good and highest healing.

With that in mind most in-person circles, courses, and workshops may be limited. We have found that eight (8) to thirteen (13) anointed ones (participants) is an ideal number, this includes guests. Our sister group Manassas Mindfulness Co-op shares all events, thus each event guest numbers are split between the two groups. If you are waitlisted please reach out, there is more than likely enough room and we will change you status.

We do offer online (Zoom) events will have unlimited spaces unless otherwise noted.

Event Details
1. All events that we will be holding or sponsoring will be posted on Meetup. Our Website will only showcase upcoming or special events.

  • You will see Circles, Classes, Courses, Workshops, Onsite and Local Events. If there is a fee it will be noted. Many of our events are FREE, but we encourage a donation. You will NOT need to register for these events via our website unless special circumstances make it a requirement.

2. Scheduling healing sessions or readings will be handled based on event logistics and will be noted in the description. All formal (full-length) sessions will need to be scheduled through our scheduling application on our website.

3. If a Discovery Session date is advertised the Meetup will explain how to book to confirm your spot. For more information regarding Discovery Sessions please see our website. In short, Discovery Sessions are shorter versions of our services that allow you to receive a healing oar a reading allowing you to determine what is right for you and if a full-length service is right for you. Discovery Sessions vary, so be mindful of what is being offered, the time allotted, and cost.

4. Many events will allow for walk-ins based on time and availability; however, we always encourage pre-booking a spot so that you will not be disappointed.

5. Online Events will use Zoom and links will be provided upon registration and/or the morning of the event.

6. In-person Events will take place at the Center, unless otherwise noted in the event information.

IMPORTANT: Some events (online or in-person) that require an enrollment fee (tuition, or tuition and supply fees) may require enrollment via our website. If this is the case it will be noted in the Meetup description.

Enrollment Details
1. In order for tuition/fee based events to occur we will need a minimum of four (4) anointed ones to enroll unless otherwise stated in the event information. For FREE or Donation Based events to be held we require two (2) anointed ones to RSVP.

2. All events will have an enrollment RSVP / cut-off date.

In-Person Events
A. If there are no or minimal handouts, RSVPs will usually close 24-hours before the event, this is an automated process completed by the Meetup app.

B. For events that require supplies or items to be mailed, the RSVPs will close
based on the event, which can be 24-hours to 2-weeks before the event date, unless otherwise stated in the event details.

Enrollment will be monitored and you will be notified of changes via
announcements. Register early or these courses may be cancelled due to low

On-Line Events
A. Events that require a fee and have NO supplies, handouts, or manuals, and are
ONLINE, RSVPs will close 24-hours before the date for planning purposes, again,
this will be done automatically by the Meetup app.

B. Events that require a fee and have supplies, handouts, or manuals, and are
ONLINE, RSVPs will close 48-hours to 1-week before the date for planning
purposes, again, this will be done automatically by the Meetup app.

For all our online events Zoom links will be provided the morning of the event.

Cancellations and Refunds
1. If you are interested in a class register early, if there are not enough anointed ones enrolled we will cancel the event within the RSVP timelines noted above.

2. If you have paid and the event is cancelled due to limited enrollment we will reach out to you individually and work out refund or transfer options.

3. There are no refunds for no-shows.

1. Please be on time, if you are going to be late, let us know. In the case of meditations, once we have begun you will not be admitted.

2. If the event is in-person at the Center, please arrive 15 minutes early, the doors will be locked 5-minutes before the start of the event and you will not be admitted.

3. As stated if you are late or a no-show there are no refunds.

Parking for In-Person Event Information
The Center has on-site parking for guests only. Due to issues with the parking lot being used by people not attending an event we have been forced to create parking hang-tags. If you are attending an event please come early enough to receive your hang-tag, if there is not one in your car there may be a risk of towing.

Many Blessings for all you do to help us meet the needs of our community.

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