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Meet other local Movie Fans in a welcoming group! Get together once a month & sometimes more often. We go out to enjoy dinner, movie outings, and other special entertainment events. We love to discuss movies and many other topics.

Movie Meetups tend to be north located and are generally held at the Showcase in Springdale, Esquire and Affliiates, Rave Westchester, Occasionally Oakley Cinemark and Regal Mason may be included. There may be other locations as suggested. We do have an interest in recruiting Event Sponsors for other areas please ask for more information after joining.

Our announcements for events can be progressive so be sure to check back before meetup for update. We begin around 5:00-6:00 pm for most events. Dinner typically lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours with mid priced casual dining that includes wait service. You will have plenty of time to get to know group members. During dinner we discuss the available movies and people decide what they want to see. After dinner people split up into small groups to see their chosen movie. Typically that winds up being about 3 to 4 different groups. If you really want to see something make it known and others may follow. Weekday meetups tend to be a group of 10-12 and weekend movies average a group of 22-25 people. If members are interested after the movies we have drinks and dessert at I-Hop or Starbucks, Graeters or some place similar.

Meetup Fee:

We have a voluntary $5.00 meetup fee to help cover our meetup.com fee that is charged for us to have the group on the site. The fee can also cover some miscellaneous expenses for gatherings that require drinks, ice, or serve ware. Our goal is not to profit from the fee but to return it back to group in the form of a gathering or entertainment should fees collected exceed the costs. If you attend a few meetups a year you will more than get the benefit back of the $5.00. Paying online is an option but you can also give $5.00 to Gina our organizer in person at a meetup if you prefer not to pay online.

We wish to be able to welcome and recognize our new members, learn their names and also to prevent spam profiles. Your real fairly current picture is required when you initially join the group. If you submit an avatar or any picture where we cannot readily identify you we may not respond to your submission or decline it. If you are not sure how to submit a photo or have valid privacy reason why it should not be posted please email us after you apply and we will try to assist you.

**We like other groups on meetup, have a NO-SHOW Policy. If you do a NO SHOW for 3 events, you are subject to removal from this group. Not showing up can cause issues with our reservations and causes timing issues. Please pay attention to what you sign up for and if you are unable to attend, then please change your RSVP. If a person changes their RSVP within an hour and a half before the event this may result in being marked as a NO SHOW. We try to be a very carefree group, but being respectful about attendance is very important.** We will send a link about our no show policy in our welcome letter please be sure to read it.


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