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What we’re about

Welcome all Humans!

Join our group for free meditations, connections and out of this world experiences as we remember who we really are. Be a part of supporting others in awakening to the healing, unconditional love and peace of the new earth. All religions and beliefs are welcome.

"The Stargate is a highly evolved consciousness which comes from beyond the veil. It can anchor into a sacred geometrical structure, in fact it can anchor into an infinite number of them. This structure, your Stargate is an accelerator of human consciousness if you choose to allow its energy and its support. These energies support you in being more present and more available to the vastness that you are, that you have forgotten about. The Stargate is here to assist you individually, and humanity as a whole, and the transformation of this your very Earth. " - Alcazar

Connect with Stargaters worldwide at
We recommend you explore the free online meditations at before participating in person.

*Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.