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Cincinnati Tai Chi Wednesday Evening Practice (Northside)
This Wednesday evening, we will be meeting at our private gym in Northside for a mid-week open tai chi practice. Similar to our Sunday afternoon practices, we will focus on whatever interests the attendees have. Bring your tai chi / martial arts interest, and we'll work on that! Here are just some ideas I have as to what I'd like to welcome you to do at this mid-week practice: Share your tai chi forms with the group (we'd love to see & share!). Teach (or learn) tai chi drills and exercises to improve your "tai chi body" and principles. Practice chi kung (or qigong) as a group, together. Practice tai chi push hands (or tui shou). Practice tai chi practical self defense / fighting applications. Anything else you want to do!!! When it comes to Jacob Hoffner Park in Northside, it is right on the corner of Hamilton Ave & Blue Rock St ... super easy to find. I am looking forward to meeting you there. If you have any questions, or wish to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so via: Email --- [masked] Phone ---[masked]

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Welcome to all Cincinnati Tai Chi People!!!

Whether you are completely new to practicing tai chi, or you have been practicing for 20+ years, this group is open & friendly to all experience levels and backgrounds to practice tai chi in Cincinnati.

We love to practice tai chi in Cincinnati's parks & pleasant spaces. We'd be pleased to have you visit!

Plus, all of our Meetups are open to the public, free to participate, and totally for fun. There is no egotistical hierarchies ... just a supportive environment to train & learn.

If you are wondering about getting involved in some Cincinnati tai chi, this is the place to do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marshall - the Organizer - here through, or via email :: :: for a speedy & helpful response.

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