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What we’re about

Welcome to one of the fastest-growing indie film community! Through our typically joyful and vibrant events, we connect like-minded individuals in the industry, from undergrads to veterans, from amateurs to professionals, from cinema makers to cinema goers... There will always be a place for you!


<h1>🎬 TYPES OF EVENTS</h1>

Each month we host a variety of events held at a the heart of central London at a hired venue and an online event helping us reach all the corners of the world.

👉  1. Pitch & Show and Tell: It’s a fantastic networking event to hit the stage and pitch your skills and what you look for from the other talents in the room. We take a step further by providing you with a screen to show your trailers, showreels, slideshows ...

👉 2. Screening short films: let’s say you’ve met people at our networking event and collaborated to make a film or have one you made in the past/recently... We then give you the chance to screen it on a large projector screen to all the guests. <br>But there’s more we provide you constructive feedback from the audience and a chance to be entered into our festival.

👉  3. Cinebooth Live: For those around the world or simple love a good night in on the sofa, we also hold some great online streaming events, similar to our screening events showing many great films submitted by creatives all over the globe but we include fun games and a voting poll for the viewers to pick their favourite film of the night.



Fancy entering your short film into one of our online streaming events or have it screened on a the big screen to a large audience ? It's free and could't be any easier. Just visit and follow the easy steps.



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